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Filling out the cable magazine

One of the important documents in the design of process control systems and the implementation of an automation object is – Cable magazine. The final amount of the entire project depends on the quality of filling out the cable magazine. This is due to the problems of procurement and delivery of cable products, the presence of installers on site. Cost planning for commissioning. This document must be included in the APCS documentation, both at the development stage and at the facility operation stage.

You also need to understand well - we live in Russia, and therefore it is very important to keep an online account of the consumption of cable products. Quite often it happens that during the installation process a large shortage of cable is revealed, although everything is calculated and so with some margin. Accordingly, when issuing material for installation, it is important to track in the electronic journal where exactly this cable was laid.

I have seen similar situations several times when managers were forced to incur additional expenses for cable products, which were not enough in the end due to either theft or incorrect calculations.

Кабельный журнал

The most convenient way to organize and calculate the composition, lengths and types of cables is the Microsoft Excel product. There is the possibility of filtering, sampling, commenting, which allows this document to conduct a remote analysis of what is happening at the facility.

I should especially note the quality Finnish cable from Onninen OY. Full range of cable products. It costs a little more than the Podolsky cable, but it is much superior in quality. Tinned copper conductors.
Marking Сable type Number of residents From where Where to Position
MMC1-112W2-e TF KLMA 2×0,8+0,8 экр ШТМ1 MMC1 Y150
MMC3-90W2-e_1 КГВВнг-LS 10х1,5 ШТМ3 MMC3 NY27/28; NY25/26; DCool5

An example can be downloaded from this link

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