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Functional automation diagrams (P&ID)

Functional diagrams of automation - combination of the technological scheme and elements of automation of the technological process (P&ID Diagram), are the main technical document that defines the functional block structure of individual units of automatic control, management and regulation of the process and equipping the control object with instruments and automation equipment.

When developing functional diagrams of technological process automation, a number of tasks are implemented, such as: obtaining primary information about the state of the technological process and equipment; direct impact on the technological process to control it; stabilization of technological parameters of the process; control and registration of technological parameters of processes and the state of technological equipment.

These tasks are solved on the basis of an analysis of the operating conditions of technological equipment, the identification of laws and criteria for managing an object, as well as the requirements for the accuracy of stabilization, control and registration of technological parameters, for the quality of regulation and reliability.

Functional tasks of automation, as a rule, are implemented using technical means, including:

– selected devices;

- means of obtaining primary information;

- means of transformation and processing of information;

- means of presenting and issuing information to service personnel, etc.

The result of drawing up functional diagrams of automation is:

– choice of method for measuring technological parameters;

- selection of the main technical means of automation that most fully meet the requirements and operating conditions of the automated object;

– determination of drives of actuating mechanisms of regulating and shut-off bodies of technological equipment controlled automatically or remotely;

- placement of automation equipment on boards and consoles, on process equipment or in place;

– determination of ways to provide information on the state of the technological process and equipment.

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