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System Programmer's Guide

System programmer's guide. Document description example


This document provides the information necessary for installation, configuration and performance testing by the system administrator of the software (AWP software) PTK SKU US TRO.



1.1. Preparation of workstation for work 4

1.1.1. Installing the Citect 4 Executive

1.2. Installing OFS Server 9

1.3. Installing Microsoft MS SQL Server Express 11

1.3.1. Installing (restoring) databases 14

1.3.2. Setting up and running the Citect 19 application

1.3.3. Locale settings 27


1.1. Preparing the workstation for work

Before starting work on the workstation, it is necessary to install all the software tools necessary for the correct operation of the system:

• Executive system Citect Facilities 7.0 by Citect;

• OFSServer by Schneider Electric Version 3.32;

• Microsoft SQL Server Express;

• Application database.

1.1.1. Installing the Citect Executive

After installing Windows, insert the supplied Citect Facilities 7.0 CD into your CD-ROM drive. If the Windows operating system is configured to automatically run the contents of the CDs, the installation process should begin. Otherwise, manually run the setup.exe file from the root directory of the CD. The Citect Facilities installation window will appear (Figure 1).

Окно установки Citect Facilities

Picture. 1. Citect Facilities Installation Window

By clicking the NEXT button, go to the next window - the license agreement window. You must agree to the license agreement.

Лицензионное соглашение Citect

Picture. 2. Citect License Agreement

By pressing the NEXT button, go to the next window - the window of the Citect components that should be installed on the computer. Required components are selected by default.

Выбор компонент Citect для установки

Picture. 3. Selecting Citect Components to Install

By pressing the NEXT button, go to the next window - the window of the role of the computer in the network. Select "Server" and press the NEXT button.

Роль компьютера в сети

Picture. 4. The role of the computer in the network

A window will appear on the screen for selecting the location of the Citect Facilities installation and the location of the Data and User directories. Change the location of the Data and User directories. To do this, click the Change button located opposite the "Citect Facilities User and Data folder location" label, specify the new path "E:\" and click NEXT.

Выбор места инсталляции Citect и расположения каталогов Data и User

Picture. 5. Selecting the Citect installation location and the location of the Data and User directories

The Ready to Install Citect Facilities window will appear on the screen. Click Install to start the installation.

Окно готовности к инсталляции Citect Facilities

Picture. 6. Citect Facilities Installation Ready Window

After installing Citect Facilities, replace the citect.ini configuration file located in the C:\Windows\ folder with the file located in the D:\CitectProj\ folder. At the same time, it is necessary to check that the values ​​of the BIN, USER, DATA and RUN parameters in the [CTEDIT] section of the citect.ini file, which are paths to directories of the same name, match the real paths of these folders on this computer.

Next, you need to upload the project “troarm_kiss3.ctz” (on the Kiln Control workstation – computer name KISS3) or “troarm_kiss2.ctz” (on the Cementing Control Unit workstation – computer name KISS2) into the Citect system. To do this, you need to launch Citect Explorer, right-click on the MyProjects drop-down list or on any other project from the Project List and select the “Restore…” command from the list of commands..

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