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Stages of production

Stages of production

Stage 1. Contractual relationship.

At the beginning of work on a large automation object, in order to determine the complexity and volume of labor costs, a number of analytical works are carried out, as a result of which…

Technical and commercial proposal (TCP).

This TCH already includes the cost of work and the time frame for which it is possible to complete the work. It remains for the customer to accept or not accept these conditions

To proceed to the preparation of the Agreement, a

Техническое задание к Договору.

At the same time, the Customer and the Contractor additionally come to an agreement, the Contract is drawn up.

Stage 2. Implementation.

When implementing an automation object, the following documents are mandatory:

No automation system is complete without a cabinet or cabinets, respectively, you will need:

Assembly drawing

Electrical circuit diagrams

External wiring diagrams

Further, to draw up a program, we need the following documents

Classification and coding system (makes the names of objects and variables unique and meaningful)

I/O tables,

Functional diagrams of automation,

Description of algorithms,

Description of locks and protections,

cable magazine,

Estimated process control system.

If the system has a SCADA visualization program, then it is also necessary

PLC-ARM interface and

Video frame album.

Based on the results of all work, factory tests are carried out in accordance with the PMI, then…

Test program and methodology

Stage 3. Commissioning and commissioning of the facility for trial operation.

This stage ends with the act of transferring the system to trial operation.

It is necessary to have a good idea of the approximate complexity of the composition of each of these documents. If you have some experience with this and understand the composition of the documentation that needs to be submitted, then we can give a fairly accurate cost of work on the creation of an automated control system.

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