Technical and commercial proposal for automation

Technical and commercial proposal



Technical Director,



«___» january 2015 y.



Technical and commercial proposals

for works on

creation software

bench testing units





Customer: JSC “Customer”




2015 y.





1.1 Privacy Statement

1.2 Reasons for the development of

1.3 Name of work


2.1 Purpose of the system

2.2 Classification of the complex

2.3 System Functions

2.4 Functions of the controller cabinet

2.5 Functions of the operator workstation STB


3.1 Software

3.2 The boundaries of the project

3.1 The structure of the software and hardware test bench PRODUCT blocks

3.2 The result of the work



6 Conclusion



APCS automated process control system
Nuclear power plants or nuclear power plant AU
BPO Basic software
PRODUCT Complex switchgear shut-off valve control unit, Protvino
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PPO Software Applications
RFP Pre-project preparation
TCP software and hardware
STB unit test stand
TOR Terms of Reference
TAP Technical and commercial offer
SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)


PCS decoding – Automated process control system


This document contains a description of the proposed JSC “Artist” services relating to: the creation of software and setup software test bench units of the complex distribution of valves for the ___ control.

This commercial offer on designing (TAP) aims to formulate the technical and price proposals for the development of the software controller and the workstation belonging to the booth product testing units, as well as carrying out the necessary supervision and commissioning works on the ___.

1.1 Reasons for the development of

The grounds for the development of the TAP are:

1. Request the company of “Customer» number ___ of ___, which is a provider for machinery for the implementation of the TAP complex of works on creation of software for automated test stand;

2. Proposal of the “Customer”, developed in accordance with the Terms of Reference on the creation of a “test bench PRODUCT blocks (STB)” E. item number

3. Description of one of the algorithms of the automated stand;

4. Regulatory documents of ZAO “Contractor” on the principles of the formation of the contract price.

1.2 Name of work

Name of works:

1. Development of application software controller STB;

2. Development of ARM application software operator STB;

3. Development of the maintenance documentation for software and hardware (TCP) of the stand the products put on the PCS production;

4. Conduct preliminary and erection works on setting up and configuring TCP STB on the territory of the “Customer” and the Organization.


2.1 Purpose of the system

Test Stand PRODUCT blocks designed to test the modular drawer units, used in the cabinets of switchgear assemblies own needs 0.4 kW article of manufacture of the “Customer”, technical staff including:

– Definition of health units;

– Determine whether the electrical installation units of electric concept;

– Voltage operation and release the contactors in the main circuit, starting with 0.8 Un;

– Print verification protocol.

product testing units stand consists of the control cabinet and workstation (AWP) STB.

2.2 Classification of the complex

STB should refer to the system normal operation, comply with the safety class 4 (classification designation 4H) for PNAE G-01-011 (OPB 88/97) and the functional group of 4H in accordance with the NP-026.

2.3 System Functions

Title STB created using program-logic controllers and graphic visualization package company «Schneider Electric».

Title STB provides the following functions:

– Processing of input-output signals and issue executive instructions, according to the specified algorithmic procedures;

– Implementation of algorithmic procedures, in accordance with the selected parameters in the AWP;

– Time synchronization controller and imaging applications with an external source of accurate time;

– Self-test hardware system;

– Archiving of information introduced by the operator on the tests performed;

– Issuing reports (protocols) in electronic form, on electronic media;

– Generation of threshold violations for exceeding the set values;

– Fault control circuits;

– Fault of the main circuits.

2.4 Functions of the controller cabinet

the controller cabinet must provide the following functions:

– Processing and recording input signals input-output;

– Implementation of algorithmic sequences;

– The issuance of executive actions (commands) for the implementation of the stand testing of algorithms;

– Measurement of electrical network parameters;

– Warnings and alarms on deviation of the mains parameters of routine and emergency limits.

Technical characteristics of the controller cabinet are shown in Table 1.

According to IO channels reserve is provided in the amount of 20% from the existing level of input-output channels.

Table 1. Specifications of the controller cabinet

Parameter name Parameter value
Number of analog inputs, pcs. 16
Number of digital inputs, pcs. 64
Number of digital outputs, pcs. 128
Ethernet Communication Interfaces
Operating conditions UHL 4
Supply voltage, V 220
Rated current consumption A 5
Type of mains TN-S
Dimensions HxWxD, mm 600h600h300
Weight kg 70
Degree of protection, IP 542.5

Automated work functions of the operator of the STB

AWP operator should provide the following functions:

– Parameterization of the testing process;

– Configuration sequence for testing;

– Monitoring, recording, signaling changes in the electrical parameters of the network stand;

– Mapping and registration status of the stand equipment;

– Registration of operator actions;

– Remote control of process equipment.

Registration data on workstations is done in the archive. archive depth is 3 months.

The structure of the operator’s workstation must be part of a portable computer and SCADA package.

Developed middleware should have the ability to customize for a specific type of complex distribution shut-off valve control unit blocks (PRODUCT cell).


3.1 Software

Application software (middleware) STB is developed on the base software license (BPO) company Schneider Electric, consists of the following components:

– Tooling system Unity Pro XL version is not lower than the V6, which supports the development of applications of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in five languages ​​according to IEC 61131-3;

– Toolkit Vijeo Citect V7.2 or later version for configuring automated operator position under application.

The basic software is accompanied by software documentation company-developer base software (in English or Russian), sufficient for its maintenance.

3.2 The boundaries of the project

Works CJSC “Artist” on this project are limited to:

– Obtaining information from the terminal assembly installed in the controller cabinet;

– About testing on a laptop computer displaying information (AWP);

– Transfer of information, if necessary, to an external network of the enterprise.

Most of the work creation of middleware and configuration of controllers is carried out on the site of JSC “Artist”, carrying out the factory (preliminary) test is carried out on the site of the “Customer”.

The final part of the work of CJSC “Artist” is carried out in the form of commissioning work together with representatives of the Customer and under their leadership on the court.

3.1 The structure of the software and hardware test bench PRODUCT blocks

The structure of the complex software and hardware tools stand is shown in Figure 1.

Table 2 provides a list of equipment for the project. The equipment in this project are not purchased or made (its value is not included in the TAP). Procurement of equipment, construction documentation and assembly of the controller cabinet will be made by the Customer.

Table 2. List of TCP STB for machinery

Designation Designation
BMX XBT 0800 Frame 8 slots without extension
CPS 2000 Power Supply
P342020 Controller with Ethernet port
AMI 0810 analog input module 8AI 4-20mA
AMI 0810 analog input module 8AI 4-20mA
DDI 6402K digital input module 64DI
DDO 6402K Digital Output Module 64DO
DDO 6402K Digital Output Module 64DO
HP Probook 4730s Notebook operator workstation
Vijeo Citect v.7.2 (600io) Citect License 600 IO points

tkp1Figure 1 – Block diagram of the TCP test stand PRODUCT blocks for the Organization of 2


3.2 The result of the work

The result of the work on the creation of software for TCP STB products must be designed, installed and debugged on the object PPO stand. Registration completion – signing the Acceptance Certificate of Completion which registration after control APCS (completion of the pilot operation phase).

Planned list of works on the development of PES blocks stand test is shown in Table 3.

Table 3. Planned list of works on the development of middleware

Stage of work Artist
Clarification of RFP requirements and the development of the TAP


1 TK Development
1.1 Production, processing and approval of the initial data (ID)


1.2 Development and approval of TK


2 Programming
PPO 2.1 Development Artist
2.2 Independent adjustment and preliminary tests PPO stand on the territory of JSC “Artist” Artist
2.3 Development, approval and issuance of PD Artist
2.4 Acceptance tests PPO complex on the site
JSC “Customer” Artist,
3 Introduction
3.1 Operations – commissioning on site Artist
3.2 Adjustment of the documentation on the results of the NDP Artist

As part of the creation of application software blocks stand PRODUCT invited to perform a range of activities specified in Table 4.

Table 4

stage Name works

Result cost of

rub. without


18% VAT


Price from


Development and approval of ToR Terms of Reference for STB middleware
Production and processing

data source

Mathematical description


testing. Creature

and coordination of the album


 ……….. ……….. ………..
Development and Debugging



Application software

controller software

 ……….. ……….. ………..
Development and Debugging

ARM software code

Application software

APM software




1. Specification PPO STB

2. Operator’s Manual

3. Programmer’s Guide

Carrying debugging

in the territory

stand manufacturer

of the Protocol

Commissioning of an Act into operation 

The composition of the documentation developed at each stage of the work is shown in Table 5.

Table 5. Composition of documents

Stage develops documentation



TK Development
1) TK Annexes:

– Lists of controlled and displayed parameters and signals;

– Test sequence described in graphic form;

– Album of screen forms.

2) Specification of purchased software


and delivery

1) PD composed of:

– Specification PPO STB;

– Operator’s Manual;

– Programmer’s Guide.

2) PPO in the composition:

– Distributions created software.




Program documentation, corrected by the results of the NDP
Developed performer documentation should be delivered to the customer in Russian:

– Accounted as hard copies – one copy;

– In the form of an electronic copy on an electronic medium (optical disk) – in a single copy.

Holder is a developer of original documentation.

Branded accompanying documentation companies – producers (suppliers) of purchased software is available in a language and in a number of copies corresponding to the conditions of delivery of purchased software developer.

6 Conclusion

Proposed in this TAP key technical software solutions allow for complex boards:

– Implementation of the Customer requirements specified in the Terms of Reference;

– The test stand (products) to be used in conjunction with the hardware products on many installations, built on the basis of a controller and automation Schneider Electric.

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