P&ID diagram in automation

Functional scheme of automation (P & ID Diagram), are the main technical document defining the functional-block structure of individual units of automatic control, monitoring and process control equipment, and facility management instruments and automation.

In the development of functional circuits process automation implemented a number of tasks, such as: obtaining the initial information on the state of the process and equipment; a direct impact on the process for managing them; stabilization of process parameters; control and registration of the process parameters and the state of technological equipment.

These objectives are based on the analysis of the conditions of the process equipment, identifying the laws and criteria for management of the facility, as well as the requirements for the accuracy of stabilization, monitoring and recording of process parameters for quality control and reliability.

Functional automation tasks usually implemented by technical means, including:

– Choice of the device;

– Means of obtaining primary information;

– Means for converting and processing information;

– Means of presentation and delivery of information service personnel, etc.

Results-based automation of functional circuits is:

– The choice of the method of measurement of process parameters;

– Selection of main technical means of automation that best meet your requirements and work conditions preseed object;

– Determination drive actuators regulating and shut-off of process equipment, controlled automatically or remotely;

– Placing automation equipment on the boards and consoles, on the process equipment or place;

– Identifying ways of providing information on the status of the process and equipment.

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