Description of the list of documentation for the requirements of GOST 34.201.89

Since any production is more or less related to the risk to the environment or to the equipment, life or health of people, the list of actions for creating process automation is regulated by GOST.

Below, in the form of drop-down lists, the documentation of the automated process control system is presented, for the organization of design works on the creation and maintenance of systems. Requirements for automation are laid in these documents to determine the purpose of systems and the degree of their safety.

1. System-wide solutions

P2. Explanatory note
P3. Description of Automated Functions
PM. Program and test procedure
PS. Passport
TP. Project list
FO. The form of ED. Statement of operational documents

2. Organizational support
I3. User guide
PV, CO. Description and outline of the organizational structure

3. Information support
IN 1. List of input and output signals DCS
AT 2. List of input and output signals of the PAZ system
AT 7. Database Catalog
И4. Instructions for creating and maintaining a database
P5. Description of information support of the system
P6. Description of the organization of the information base
P7. Description of Classification and Coding Systems
P8. Description of arrays of historical data (archives)
C9. Album of documents and video frames

4. Technical Support
C4, C5. External connection wiring diagrams
C6. cable magazine
AT 4. Hardware Specification
IN. Drawings of the general view of system cabinets and installation of technical equipment
IE Operation and maintenance manual CTS
P9. Description of the complex of technical means
C1. Scheme of the structural complex of technical means
C7. Layout of the equipment of the process control system at the site
C8. Layout of equipment and postings in the control room

5. Standard software
PA. Description of the standard software

6. Application software
PB. Description of control algorithms and anti-damage protection
C12, C13. Block diagrams of the DCS and PAZ algorithms
C12. Block diagram of the algorithms of the DCS system
C3. Functional schemes of automation

You can ask me for a sample of any of these documents.

How these standards work in practice:

When developing documentation for state and serious private customers, we usually do not have a choice – the requirements for the documentation of TK include compliance with standards. In practice, I have had to deal with various examples of misunderstandings about the structure of standards, what should be in the documents and why these documents are needed. As a result, from time to time, such pearls come out from the pen of technicians, analysts and specialists that it is not clear in what state of consciousness they were writing. But in fact, everything is quite simple. The search for Habra did not return links to more or less complete material on this topic, so I suggest painting this annoying gap.

Taken from habrhabr:
In the series 34 in question, there are only 3 basic standards for documenting:

GOST 34.602-89 Terms of Reference for the creation of an automated system

The most favorite and popular standard for the development of TK. The only thing, do not forget that it is tightly connected with other standards of the series and if you have received the TK executed according to this standard, it is highly desirable to adhere to other standards even if there are no direct requirements. At least in terms of a common ideology (about which below)

GOST 34.201-89 Kinds, completeness and designations of documents when creating automated systems

This is the basic document, which provides a complete list of GOST 34 documentation, recommendations for coding documents, to which stages of the project the documents are related (the stages are described in GOST 34.601-90), and also how they can be combined with each other.

In fact, this standard is a large table with comments. It can be run in Excel for ease of use.

RD 50-34.698-90 Automated systems. Requirements for the contents of documents

A voluminous standard that describes the content of project documents with varying degrees of detail. As an index, the above-mentioned GOST 34.201-89 is used.

To the standard RD 50-34.698-90 there are many questions and interpretations of its provisions, which, in view of their lack of specificity, are often understood differently by the customer and the executor or even by the members of the project team. But nothing more concrete, unfortunately, we have.

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