How you can reduce the amount of work. Automation in Russia

Step 1. Communication by the contract.

At the beginning of work on the large automation objects it is necessary to perform a number of analytical work. These works are carried out to determine the complexity and volume of labor.
As a result of such works will created Technical and commercical proposal.

This Technical and commercical proposal contains approximate cost of the work and the timing of their implementation.

The Technical and commercical proposal includes the cost of work and terms of their performance. After that is being formed Design assignment to go to the drawing up of Contract.

If the Customer and Integrator are coming to an agreement, they are making the Contract.

Step 2: Implementation.

There are documents that are necessary in the implementation of the automation object:

The system of classification and coding  which gives a unique and meaningful name to the objects and variables, input-output tables, P&ID Diagram, Software discriptions, Description of the interlocks and protection, Cable magazine, the Estimate. If the system has a visualization program, it is also necessary Interface PLC Workstation.

As a result of all the work are carried out factory tests according to the testing method.

Step 3. Carrying out commissioning and commissioning of the object into trial operation.

This step is finished by the signing of the Object commissioning certificate.

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