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Fire and security alarm project with a maximum power of 700 kW

Fire alarm system

We present a project of a fire and security alarm system for a Kromschroder automatic gas boiler house with a maximum power of 700 kW.

Boiler room designed for heating and providing hot water for a 10-storey 120-apartment building.

The security and fire alarm system includes the following equipment:

    - power board with circuit breakers and fusible links;
    - switchboard;
    - cable products;
    - sockets, switches, terminal boxes;
    - step-down transformer YaTP 220/12V;
    - lamps;
    - rod prefabricated lightning rod.
The composition of the project documents:
    - General information. 1 sheet A3.
    - Explanatory note. 2 sheets A4.
    - Table of addresses and beams. 1 sheet A4.
    - List of elements. 1 sheet A4.
    - Scheme of electrical connections. 1 sheet A3.
    - Programming instructions. 1 sheet A4.
    - Table of cables and wires. 1 sheet A4.
    - Specification of equipment and materials. 3 sheets A4.
    - Equipment and cabling layout plan. Fire alarm. 1 sheet A4x3.
    - Equipment and cabling layout plan. Security alarm. 1 sheet A4x3.
    - Assignment for cable laying. 3 sheets A4.

Boiler room

Boiler room

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