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ACS of painting and drying booth

Paint booths. Automated control system.

A serial product is proposed, consisting of a control panel (cabinet) for controlling an automobile painting and drying booth (OSK) with a diesel burner with a fuel saving mode of up to 35% compared to currently common Chinese OSK, NovaVerta, etc.

The automated control system is designed to control the OSK operating modes, set, measure and maintain the necessary technological parameters. The energy saving algorithm allows to significantly reduce the operating costs of the USC.


    - Installation of an automated control system in the existing OSK control panel;
    - New control panel, which is a metal cabinet 700x600x250mm. The touch graphic operator panel can be cut into the door of the power cabinet or located in a separate metal box 300x300x150mm and taken out to any convenient place (option).

The main components of the control panel:

    - introductory knife switch;
    - automatic motor protection devices;
    - automatic switches for protection of control circuits;
    - power supply 220Vac/24Vdc;
    - intermediate relays;
    - programmable logic controller OMRON CP1L;
    - touch graphic operator panel OMRON NB7;
    - frequency converters (in the version with automatic pressure control in the USC);
    - position sensors for the gate and the turnover hatch (in the variant with automatic pressure regulation in the OSK);
    - analog pressure transducer (in the version with automatic pressure control in the USC).

It is possible to sell both a new control cabinet and the modernization of an existing one. Potential customers - any car service with a paint shop. Savings for the year in one of the centers amounted to about 200,000 rubles from one OSK (there are 2 of them).

The cost of upgrading an existing cabinet is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

The development is based on observations and experience with body shop supervisors and painters.

Used equipment: PLC and OMRON panel, the rest Schneider, ABB, Finder. Execution on other equipment is possible.


    - painting; - drying; - drying (6 sub-modes with changeable parameters); - cooling of the heat exchanger (turns on automatically); - purging before drying or pre-drying (turns on automatically); - energy saving mode (savings for the year ranges from 20% to 40%)..

Other features:

    - intuitive interface;
    - Russian-language menu;
    - automatic maintenance of temperature;
    - real time clock;
    - setting the operating time of the mode;
    - automatic shutdown of compressed air supply to the gun in the "DRYING" and "DRYING" modes;
    - manual adjustment of the pressure in the OSK using the buttons on the operator panel;
    - error log;
    - displaying a text message about a malfunction on the screen;
    - statistics screen (counting the operating time of the chamber, motors, burner, etc.);
    - automatic switching on/off of lighting in OSK depending on the mode of operation;
    - by means of timer settings, the pressure surge during engine start-up is minimized;
    - Possibility to build up and modernize the USC automated control system according to the wishes of the customer.

The composition of the project documentation:

    - User guide
    - Assembly drawing
    - Electrical circuits

Main menu

Painting mode

Drying mode

Pavel Malnev

Тел: 8 (968) 459-07-46

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