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Polymerization chamber

Application software for polymerization furnace

We were approached by a company that is engaged in the production and assembly of metal structures. We were looking for an integrator who knows OWEN equipment and is able to remotely (without visiting the facility) perform work on creating application software and configuring equipment in a short time.
As a result of the work, an automated control system for the polymerization chamber of surfaces coated with powder paint was to be created.

Camera mnemonic

In accordance with the customer's terms of reference, it was necessary to create application software for the programmable touch controller SPK107 (M01) OWEN, the programmable relay PR102 OWEN, as well as the technical energy accounting module ME110-220.3M to ensure the technological process in accordance with the parameters specified in the recipe, as well as to configure the equipment included in the automation cabinet.
A little bit about the technological process.
The work begins with starting the fans, applying voltage to the heating elements of the system. 
The process itself is divided into the following stages:
1) Preheating
2) Warm-up exposure
3) Heating 
4) Exposure after heating (Baking)
5) Slow cooling

After familiarizing with the terms of reference, we started implementing the application software. Clarified the composition of the input-output tables, agreed on an album of video frames. The programmable relay in this system was used as an input-output module.
In parallel, the customer was working on the assembly of the cabinet. Remotely helped him set up every network component of the system.
In the process of commissioning the system, the polymerization chamber was pre-connected to the heating elements and sensors, which made it possible to debug, test and configure the system regulators before transferring the automation cabinet directly to install it on the polymerization furnace.

What opportunities did the customer receive as a result of the work carried out:
- implementation of control over the heating process;
- the polymerization chamber is divided into two parts and the heating of each chamber can be independently controlled;
- equipment diagnostics around the clock;
- there is a possibility of setting and adjusting six different recipes;
- use of historical trends with the conclusion and fixing of errors that occur;
- the ability to intervene in the operation of the system in automatic mode;
- control of the technological process through the OWENCLOUD cloud service.

Painting chamber
Appearance powder paint polymerization chamber

Painting chamber
Appearance paint polymerization chamber

Painting details
Polymerization chamber (inside view)
Camera control scheme

Composition of the polymerization chamber:
1) Thermoblock No. 1 (T/B1)
a) DT2 – emergency temperature sensor
b) M1 – heating element blowing fan
c) Heating elements
2) Thermoblock No. 1 (T/B2)
a) DT3 – emergency temperature sensor
b) M2 – fan blowing heating elements
c) Heating elements
3) DT1 – camera temperature sensor;
4) M3, M4 – Exhaust umbrellas for sucking hot air from the chamber, the start button is active after the end of the BAKING cycle or after pressing the STOP button;
5) M5 – Side exhaust fan for sucking hot air from the chamber.

Camera control cabinet

This is what the cabinet looked like during software debugging

Front control panel
The appearance of the front panel of the cabinet

Main video frame
The main video frame is a powder paint polymerization chamber

Frame recipes 

Video frame of recipe correction and selection

Frame Settings
Video frame of additional settings

System graphs
System schedule

Violation log
Video frame of system events and violations

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