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Roll Slitting System

The control system of the roll material (paper) slitting machine is used to trim the uneven edge of the roll material (paper) during final rewinding into rolls. Scope - production of paper, cardboard, as well as any rolled materials. .

Part of the equipment:

    - Material feed drum: equipped with an electric drive with frequency regulation and braking resistance. Frequency converters Schneider Electric series ATV 71.
    - The winding drums are equipped with an electric drive with frequency regulation.
    - Load cells: installed on the winding drum to control and maintain a constant tension on the material being rewound.
    - Operator panel Siemens KTP600 (6”, color) for control and management of the rewinding process.
    - S7-1214 controller and Siemens AI and DI/DO module for processing peripheral signals.

The composition of the project documents:

    - Explanatory note - 2 sheets (A4);
    - Block diagram of a complex of technical means. (KTS) - 1 l (A4);
    - Schematic diagrams for the control cabinet - 8 l (A3);
    - Assembly drawings for the control cabinet - 4 l (A3);
    - Specification of equipment and materials - 5 l (A3);
    - User's manual for the operator - 4 l (A4).

Application software:

    - Application software for KTP600 panel;
    - Application software for S7-1200 series PLCs.

Complex of technical means of KTS

Roll cut

Schematic diagrams

Roll cut

General view of the control cabinet

Roll cut

Control panel frames

Roll cut

Roll cut

Roll cut

Project owner: Alexander Burdyugov
+7 910 325-42-83

#machine, #cutting, #paper, #roll, #positioning
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