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Dairy plant automation 200t

Dairy plant control system 200 tons per day

The dairy plant processes milk into dairy, sour-milk, curd, cheese products.

Automation of a dairy plant has the following documents:

    - Electrical diagrams with specifications and order numbers - 773 A4 sheets
    - Sensor wiring diagrams with specifications and order numbers - 12 cabinets of 212 A4 sheets
    - Diagrams of the pneumatic control system with specification and order numbers - 5 cabinets, 23 A4 sheets each

Software for PLC and SCADA systems

PLC and HMI code can be transferred to other systems (Allen Bradley, Ge Fanuc, InTouch, Codesys)
Total 5 different operator workstations, 19000 tags per workstation, PLC controls almost 1000 valves, 150 pumps, about 100 PID control loops (PID ratio controllers) in the system




Project owner: Dmitry Ivanov

#ACS, #dairy, #Foodindustry, #AllenBreadley, #dairy

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