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ACS for roasting grain Coffee

Green coffee roasting oven control system

Roasting bean coffee, like any complex technological process associated with preparation recipes, carries certain specifics (permits, accumulated order market and other nuances).

coffee table
In this article, I summarize the experience of creating an automated control system for a coffee roaster based on the PLC110 Oven and the visualization panel SP315-R Oven.

This thick-walled roasting machine is imported from Italy and automated using modern Russian equipment OWEN:
Italian coffee roasting machine

How does an automatic coffee roasting system work and what functions does it perform:
1. Preliminary pneumatic cleaning of green coffee from metal and stony attachments.
2. Dosed loading of the product (attached screw and scales).
3. The furnace drum is heated by a gas burner to a certain temperature according to a certain time schedule. Several thermocouples and thermistors are located in the drum, exhaust circuit, product cooling table.
4. After heating the oven in portions, green coffee is loaded into the drum by a screw mechanism.
5. After the coffee in the drum reaches a certain degree of readiness (audible clicks occur) like the clicks of popcorn in a microwave oven, the coffee is mechanically poured onto the cooling table.
6. Based on the ARDUINO module, a sound analyzer was created that allows you to differentiate the sound of exploding grains from other noise of the furnace.
7. All technological parameters of coffee roasting occur after downloading the appropriate recipe (profile), which is downloaded from the site
8. Coffee roast profiles are carefully stored in the system and reused if successful.
9. All process parameters are written to a USB stick and can be analyzed on a computer through a graphing program.
10. This automation system was created with the possibility of opening a franchise scheme (a system for rent). Protection of programs from external influences/downloading/rewriting is provided.
11. The system keeps records of loaded and unloaded products. The owner can remotely control the roasting process in the cloud. In the event of an Internet connection failure or attempts to hack the connection, the system politely terminates the roasting processes by sending a notification to the service company.
12. Implemented uploading logs to the server. Any error, out of bounds will be written to a text file with a timestamp. Automation of roaster operation cycles - changing burner power depending on temperature or cycle time, product, ambient temperature, pressure, humidity.
13. Through the API functions, the connection to the existing automation system to the Customer's CRM, the warehouse of raw materials and finished products is carried out.
The roasting system is integrated with the Artisan Coffee software, which we connect via a nearby computer. This allows you to download an existing roast profile on the network and share this profile with other participants who have similar machines if desired.
The automation system was created with the possibility of transferring the franchise (coffee roasting system for rent). Protection of programs from external influence, downloading, rewriting is provided.

It should be noted that the free version of MasterSCADA 3.12 helped us debug the main technological functions of the system, with the help of this tool we recorded and analyzed technological parameters before putting the unit into commercial operation. In real operation of the coffee roaster, this tool is redundant.
Control panel appearance
An example of an applied recipe
This is what control algorithms look like
Selfie for memory

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