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Dispatching a three-level parking

Dispatching the ventilation system of a three-level parking lot is designed to remove moist air masses from the basement, as well as to maintain an appropriate microclimate..

The control system (dispatching) consists of an operator workstation with an installed SCADA system (MasterSCADA 3.12), as well as 13 cabinets with WAGO and OWEN controllers distributed over the ventilation chambers.

The appearance of the video frames is as follows:

Masterscada 3

Structural scheme:

Structural scheme

The automation project itself consists of 245 pages. The composition of the project pages is described in the list of working drawings of the main set.


Created an operator's manual of 28 sheets (A4):

Operator's manual

The project includes the developed and debugged application software of Masterskada, Aries PLC, Wago PLC

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