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Сlimate station

Air-heating gas modular unit (AVGM) is designed for indirect heating of supply air

It is used in supply ventilation systems of easily assembled individual shelters of gas pumping units.

It is also used for premises with provision of sanitary and hygienic working conditions for service personnel during the period of routine maintenance. Climatic version: UHL, placement category 1 according to GOST 15150-69, while the maximum operating temperature values are from minus 60 to plus 45 degrees. C. with temperature distribution in accordance with GOST 16350-80

Part of the equipment:

    - At the lower level, PLC SIMATIC SIEMENS S7-200 is used with a set of analog input-output modules, in which all the functions of regulation and control of the MI are implemented. - Management and setting of settings is carried out from the operator panel SIMATIC SIEMENS TP177MICRO, which is installed on the front door of the cabinet and performs the function of the MPU. - The fans are controlled by means of frequency converters; a Weishaupt burner is used to ensure high-quality and safe use of energy resources.

The composition of the project documents:

    - Algorithm of operation of the control system AVGM - 400M, 4 l
    - Algorithms of the automatic control system AVGM-400M, 23 l
    - List of Modbus RTU addresses, 6 l
    - Schematic diagram, 9 l
    - Operating manual, 55 l
    - Table of input signals, 23 l
    - Table of output signals, 6 l

Climate station

1 - field for displaying the current mode of operation of the AVGM
2 - buttons for switching to the windows of control, settings, parameters of the control system
3 - main parameters of AVGM

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