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Release and distribution of petroleum products

Reservoir Park

Diesel fuel tank farm

Diesel fuel tank farm

The tank farm system for distributing diesel fuel and oil was created to provide equipment (a set of technical operations) for the implementation of various routes for loading petroleum products into trains (hereinafter referred to as the system).

System Features:

- provides a web user interface that is sufficient and necessary to implement control functions, and is also intuitive for the operator;
- mnemonic diagrams reflect the actual position of the mechanisms, faceplates (pop-up windows) allow you to control devices, and have instrument indicators;
- control of shut-off valves taking into account safety protections;
- control of pumping groups providing protection against leaks, vibration and excess temperatures;
- ensuring the required degree of safety due to two separated protection cabinets;
- the ability to remotely disable selected protections has been created to ensure repairs and testing (limited with a password);
- communication with the upper level responsible for the supply of petroleum products and maintenance of commercial accounting is ensured;
- notifications to smartphones of responsible persons through the OWENCLOUD cloud service about deviations in technological parameters, which allows you to quickly intervene in the process and see any errors of personnel providing management;
- automated pumping of diesel fuel and oil into commercial tanks, transfer of fuel between tanks;
- ensuring emergency protection of equipment based on gas analyzer signals. In the event of an emergency, the actuators are transferred to safe states (valves, pumps);
- implementation of fire protection. At the "FIRE" signal, the actuators are transferred to safe states (valves, pumps);
- there are emergency scenarios when the operator, forcing any existing blockages, can pump fuel from an emergency tank;
- archiving of events and accidents occurring with equipment. The system allows you to maintain an archive of events and operator actions on a flash drive (recording commands given by the operator to the equipment from the operator panel of the cabinet), as well as an archive of accidents that occur with tank equipment.

Control cabinets (10 pcs.) are designed to operate as part of a complex of equipment for a petroleum product tank farm and represent a control system for the technological scheme of fuel distribution along routes (mainways). The technological scheme includes: diesel fuel storage tanks and a motor oil tank farm, several groups of pumps for pumping diesel fuel and oil with their subsequent delivery to filling terminals.

Cabinets provide:

- automated control of equipment using commands from the web interface, automatic control algorithms, local control buttons and emergency protection signals;
- indication of the state of the control system equipment and emergency protection systems;
- protection against short circuit currents and overload currents in power circuits;
- protection against leakage currents in control circuits;
- power supply of fire protection systems;
- power supply of the gas analyzer;
- separation of uninterruptible and normal power supply circuits;
- connection of sensors through intrinsically safe barriers Breeze 420-Ex/K1-12.

The complex of works on equipment selection, installation and design was provided by the design organization TsTI LLC. The work of Fast Projects LLC included the creation of application software and the preparation of the required volume of program documentation in accordance with GOST 24.211-82.
The system provides a distributed control controller PLC210 OWEN to provide operator control of fuel supply routes, as well as two redundant safety and automatic protection controllers PLC210 OWEN to implement independent protection in the event of fire factors, gas contamination of maximum permissible concentrations, excess temperature or other technological deviations.

Due to the duplicated cabinets, the system provides a degree of safety with a large margin and makes it impossible for any component of the system to fail without turning off the pump groups and closing the shut-off valves. Each protection cabinet has its own independent control circuits of a closed operating principle, when opened, the devices go into a safe state.

The total information capacity of the system is 824 I/O signals.

Operator workstation

  A small resolution was chosen for working with a tablet

 Oil containers

 Reservoir Park

Pump group   
Assembly of OWEN cabinets

OWEN cabinets 

OWEN cabinets 

OWEN cabinets

There are 10 units of similar cabinets in total.

Video frame 


List of blockings

What the Customer received after the implementation of this project:

1. A list of automation components has been selected to ensure safe operation of the system, including temperature, pressure, vibration, flood sensors, and intrinsically safe barriers.
2. Organizational measures for equipment maintenance were minimized. Operators no longer need to make frequent process bypasses of the system.
3. Errors when choosing routes have been minimized, since these operations are now performed automatically.
4. Power equipment and pipelines are monitored by a number of parameters (temperature, vibration, pressure, leaks), which allows the necessary measures to be taken in advance to avoid emergencies.
5. Scenarios for actions in the event of emergency situations have been created that can ensure quick decision-making (for example, pumping fuel from a tank in which a problem has occurred to a neighboring tank).
6. Equipment protection from incorrect use (overheating, dry running, etc.) has been developed.

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