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Engine oil tank farm

The engine oil tank farm is designed for the storage and scheduled replacement of engine oil in the crankcases of large industrial engines.

System Features:

    - Protection of pumps against dry running is carried out using the necessary protection algorithms.
    - This system has two modes of operation - automatic and manual.

The control system is connected to the SCADA WinCC 7.0 via the Modbus TCP/IP protocol for logging events and sending control actions/schedule adjustments.

Equipment composition:

    1. Two explosion-proof circulation pumps;
    2. Level sensors that control the level in oil storage tanks.

The composition of the project documents:

    - Main set of working drawings, 2 sheets. (A3);
    - Specification of purchased products, 2 sheets. (A4);
    - Application software for SPK207 panel.

The system is associated with secondary functions of collecting and storing information from electric meters, temperature sensors, voltage outputs. Total system handles 64 DI, 32 DO, 8 AI, 8AO

The appearance of the screen SPK107

Automation cabinet

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