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Primary oil treatment unit

UPSV automation system - water discharge and primary oil treatment units


    - gas purification system from hydrogen sulfide
    - flare system
    - track heater (oil heating furnace)
    - two ESP pumps with Elekton control units
    - gas contamination system
    - PID controllers - 3 pcs. to maintain level and pressure
    - three-phase separator, oil and gas separator, oil sump, drainage tank
    - measurement, registration and control of technological parameters in devices

System nodes:

    - Oil metering unit
    - Gas metering unit for the flare
    - Gas metering unit for the furnace

Software and hardware:

    - ПЛК Siemens S7-300
    - SCADA WinCC v7.3 WEB Navigator 10 client

Working documentation

    - List of system input and output signals
    - Wiring diagram
    - Software for PLC, operator panel and SCADA systems


Project owner: Dmitry Ivanov

#PID, #separator, #UPSV, #node, #accounting, #system, #automation, #torch
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