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Automation of the oil treatment plant

The automation system of the oil treatment plant (OTU) is designed to control, record technological parameters and automatically control temperature, pressure, level.

Software and hardware:

  • PID controllers (8 pieces) to maintain the level and pressure in the following devices:
    • - oil and gas separator S-2
      - oil and gas separator S-1\1
      - three-phase separator S-2\1
      - gas separator GS-1
      - settling tank AON-1
      - settling tank AON-1\1
      - settling tank AON-1\2
      - high-pressure flame gas separator KS-1
      - low-pressure flame gas separator KS-2
      - RVS-100
      - container E-6
      - container E-7
      - RVS-5000-1
      - RVS-5000-210 pumps with manual control
      - 3 electric shutters for emergency closing of the pipe
      - the level in the RVS is measured by separate PLC Siemens 1200 - 3 pcs
      - in the accounting system, mass flow meters are used - 2 pcs
      - blocking and protection mechanism
      - data transfer via cellular network

    Application software:

      - SIEMENS S7-300 PLC with CP340 module (interrogates Gamma secondary devices for level measurement)
      - SCADA WinCC V7.3 WEB navigator 10 clients
      - Modbus protocol

    Oil refining

    Oil refining

    Oil refining

    Oil refining

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