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Prototype of remote dispatch system based on OwenCloud cloud exchange


Stand for round-the-clock testing of control capabilities through OWENCLOUD

Some parameters are real. For example temperature.
These are sensors placed on the roof in the country house. Some switches turn on the light in the apartment.


In December 2020, a concept stand was created based on the OWEN PLC110 controller for a round-the-clock demonstration and testing of the facility management capabilities through the OWENCLOUD service In fact, the stand served as a prototype of remote monitoring and control systems. Such a system can be controlled from any gadget: an apartment, a country house, an office building, and any other objects. With this system, you can control and regulate temperatures, see sensor readings, turn on and off lights, sockets, start and stop actuators (pumps, valves, etc.).

On the basis of this solution, several projects have been created that are in round-the-clock operation.

You can go and see these solutions:

1. Hotel BMS
Webscada based on API technology from OWENCLOUD

2. Drinking water supply monitoring system for food production

Webscada based on API technology from OWENCLOUD

3. Monitoring of engineering systems of the hospital GKB36

Hospital GKB36

During this period of time, we managed to improve the model for creating a design, modified and improved data processing mechanisms. We tested the web visualization system in terms of security (bruteforce / DDOS)

Authorization is missing on the demo stand, simplified. After the first click on the object, you are given the role of the owner for a couple of minutes and you can manage (enable / disable). Authentication is present on real objects, you can watch and observe the process, but you will not be able to control anything until you know the login and password.

Based on this solution, several more projects are currently being implemented. Stay tuned, we'll post as soon as we get it.

The control system was created on the basis of the budget industrial controller OWEN, the control is carried out through a web interface. No need to buy license keys or pay a monthly subscription fee. There is no user authorization in this system. In existing systems, in order to enter the site, you need to log in (enter a password) and then you can use it. Protection against hacking, DDoS attacks and other troubles is implemented using an encrypted protocol, as well as hosting provider protection tools.

How does the system work? Information via an encrypted protocol is transmitted from the controller to the OwenCloud cloud storage (OWEN cloud). The web interface collects information from the cloud and displays it. When the owner makes changes to the operation of the mechanisms, these changes go to the cloud storage, and from there to the controller.
The project is fully customizable to the requirements of the Customer. Any graphic and color changes are possible.

In order to enable or disable the actuator, you need to click on it.


To see a graph of temperature changes, you need to click on the digital indicator.



Remote control
Remote control

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