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Transfer of information on the state of the drainage system to Mosvodostok

Automation for drainage pumps

ACS for drainage pumps

The task was to create application software and carry out commissioning.
A special condition for the performance of the work was to ensure the transmission of system signals to Mosvodostok

The cabinet has already been assembled, the equipment has been purchased. There was an electrical project for a closet.
I had to work in the cold, which required a special concentration of attention from the performer.
It was necessary to somehow reduce the time of work in the cold and at the same time do the work

In order to avoid misunderstanding, as well as on the basis of the received project, the terms of reference were created:

The Drainage Pump Project is designed to control and maintain water levels within acceptable limits by driving two submersible pumps.
The program also provides control over the operation of the ATS cabinet, monitors the voltage and current readings transmitted from Mercury 236 electric meters, providing external dispatching to the Mosvodostok company and the Owencloud cloud.
The program is executed on PLC210 and VP110, it contains both control logic and web visualization for display on the panel.
The wardrobe was created for street performance, with an internal climate system, & nbsp; to maintain the optimum temperature.
I need to express gratitude to my colleagues from the OWEN company for developing the exchange driver with Mercury 236 and help in adapting the solution!

Drainage Pump Project

Drainage Pump Project





Level sensor SIEMENS

Trend Codesys

An Operator's Manual has been created



I noticed a level sensor from Siemens. As I understand it, the control algorithm is executed according to priority for the upcoming event
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