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ACS fire water block

The fire-fighting water block is designed to maintain a predetermined water level in the tank in case of a fire

Part of the equipment:

    • Two fire pumps;
    • One auxiliary pump;
    • Level sensors that control the level in fire tanks;
    • Button posts at fire hydrants to start fire pumps;
    • Pressure sensors that control the operation of fire pumps.

The composition of the project documents:

    • Main set of working drawings, 18 l (A3);
    • User's manual, 6 l (A4);
    • Composition of information messages (description of external communication, data protocols), 14 sheets (A4);
    • Project for the installation of a thermal curtain, 7 l (A3);
    • Technical requirements for the development of an automation board. Explanatory note, 20 l (A4);
    • Consolidated custom specification 11 l (A4);
    • Electrical part 27 l (A4);
    • Architectural and construction solutions 29 l (A3);
    • Water supply and sewerage 18 l (A3);
    • Reinforced concrete structures 23 l (A3);
    • Metal constructions 20 l (A3);
    • Heating and ventilation 10 l (A3);
Fire water block

Fire water block

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