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Monitoring of water supply for baby food production

Water supply monitoring system

For a food production enterprise, continuous water supply is an extremely important process parameter. An unplanned interruption in the water supply during cooking or pasteurization will inevitably lead to product spoilage and significant losses. Therefore, monitoring of drinking water according to the flow pattern, notification when water drops to emergency values or its sudden shutdown is the most important function of the technological process.

Structural scheme

In order to achieve the above goals, a block diagram was developed that provided a distributed approach to monitoring remote objects. The enterprise has a dedicated local optical network that allows data exchange between devices. The system has two PLC110 OWEN, three control panels SP307-R OWEN, I/O modules MX210 OWEN. The controllers are connected to the cloud, brought to the web interface created by us, which creates an additional level of reliability of the visualization and control system.

Water supply is controlled by circulation pumps; water distribution is carried out by electric valves. Wells for supplying drinking water are equipped with their own automation, which performs a smooth start of electric motors. For round-the-clock monitoring of the state of operation of systems and actuators (borehole pumps, booster pumps, water level in the tower, control of electric valves), the following remote monitoring and control tools are used:
3) PANELS СП307-Р – 3 pcs
4) PLC110 - 2pcs



Web scada is the management of an object through a site that is connected to the controllers of the object. Remote monitoring through the site allows the manager and other responsible persons to see the current state of the system on the smartphone and quickly make decisions when situations arise that require intervention.
You can see what the web interface looks like at the link:

Operator station 

Operator station

The operator workstation was created on the basis of Masterskada 3.12 from the Insat company. Appearance at the request of the Customer is made in dark colors, as in the WEB-SCADA interface, sufficiently contrasting, convenient for observation from a distance. Since this interface is paid attention sporadically, we can assume that it will not carry a significant load on the eyesight and harmoniously merges into the overall concept.


These panels are located on the doors of the automation cabinets in the Well Room, Pump Room and the Cooling Tower room. Such a number of panels was made taking into account possible network failures of the enterprise, as well as for the convenience of the staff. Since the enterprise is deployed in open space, it is necessary to additionally protect cabinets along the power line from lightning impulse noise. To do this, lightning protection elements are installed in all automation cabinets (a red Ourten module is in the cabinet). This is something like disposable fuses that work once when a power surge occurs.
Automation cabinets are assembled by KomplektElectroMontazh in accordance with all necessary design and assembly rules. Each cabinet has a product passport, which contains an explanatory note and all the necessary electrical drawings.

For more information about the assembly, you can see the link:

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