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Microclimate of greenhouses by means of OWEN equipment

The climate in the greenhouse

The greenhouse climate control project provides for an algorithm with a complex automatic control parameterization mechanism that allows you to determine the optimal climatic parameters of various parts of the greenhouse in accordance with the external environmental conditions

The greenhouse has its own section of the weather station, which is assembled on the basis of purchased elements and created application software.

The visualization system was created from the general to the particular. When looking at the general frame, the agronomist can see all the main parameters of the zones, such as glass temperature, wind direction, intensity of solar activity, presence / absence of precipitation, wind strength, outdoor temperature.

Main mimic

There are 16 transoms in the system, which provide the climate of the greenhouse. For the microclimate inside the greenhouse, it is important to provide: ventilation and regulation of quality parameters of air quality, CO2, temperature and humidity.
A heating substation control zone has been created. Centrifugal pumps are controlled and 8 heating circuits are regulated. Hot water is supplied from an external boiler room.
For the seedling department, a system of illumination with a physiological spectrum was created according to a schedule with a correction according to the level of illumination.
Setting the microclimate allows you to maintain a certain temperature and a gradient of temperature increase in 4 time periods of the day (24 hours is divided by three settings).
When the specified time limits are passed, the temperature begins to change from one value to another at a given rate, ensuring the smooth operation of the entire greenhouse. This creates a comfortable environment for plant growth.
Flexible graphics settings of MasterSCADA (Masterskada) provide a detailed analysis of the situation that occurred in the system with a convenient view of the history of changes.
In all areas of the greenhouse, a system has been created for smoothly changing temperatures in accordance with a given schedule. Temperature changes of less than a degree per minute can relieve stress on plants and increase their yield.

Control of microclimate zones

A cause-and-effect diagram has been worked out, designed to organize the protection of equipment. When a corresponding reason occurs, the icon lights up in red on the screen. On the equipment associated with these protections, the keys on the corresponding mnemonic diagrams light up, which show that this equipment cannot be turned on (opened), it is in safe mode. You can disable these locks. When you click on any of the icons, a dialog box appears in which you can revise the position of the release key by entering the password. In this case, the icon is highlighted in blue.

cause and effect diagram

There are a large number of tuning parameters in the settings of the neuroalgorithm system. The copyright for the greenhouse automatic control algorithm belongs to the Customer of this system. (I was asked not to publish the list of parameters)

To reduce the cost of the system, single-wire Chinese digital temperature sensors of the 18B20 format were used.

The temperature in the greenhouse, air humidity, soil and other parameters are stored in the OwenCloud archive (OWENcloud).

Structural diagram of the greenhouse

Equipment Composition OWEN:

1) PLC110;
2) AC3-M interface converter;
3) CO2 sensor PKG100-CO2 - 2 pcs.;
4) PVT100 temperature and humidity sensor - 4 pcs.;
5) Relay output modules МВ110 – 7 pcs.

Other equipment purchased from Aliexpress:

1) Wind force sensor YGS-FS;
2) Wind direction sensor YGS-FX;
3) REGELTECHNIK air quality sensor;
4) Rain and snow Transmitter sensor;
5) Modules for connecting digital thermal resistances 18V20/3066 - 3 pcs.;
6) Solar Radiation Sensor TSIS.

SCADA greenhouses

SCADA greenhouses

SCADA greenhouses

SCADA greenhouses

PID tuning

SCADA greenhouses

Alarm log

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