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Complex of software for management of housing facilities

Apartment rental system

Monitoring and management of housing facilities.

The software complex for managing housing facilities (hereinafter referred to as the "Complex") consists of three parts: server, client and local.

The illustration shows in numbers the sequence of data and funds passing from the client to the director

Automation of apartment rental

Scheme of a complex of technical means (CTS).

    • Local part of the "Complex" - a PLC program that implements: • Registration of site visits (entry/exit); • Collection of additional data: temperature, consumption of electricity, water, gas, etc.; • Preparation/accumulation of data for the Server part. • External connection switched by external request and according to schedule • The server part of the "Complex" is located on a remote server (hosting).

This allows you to receive data on the state of objects in any from any device that has access to the Internet through a telemechanical protocol.

Its main purposes are:

    • collection, storage and processing of information received from the "Object"; • authorization of new tenants, generation of digital passwords; • administration of the "Object" and "Complex" as a whole; • collection, storage and processing of information about the objects, provision of the service of personal accounts to clients, as well as provision of the update service of the Local parts of the "Complex".

The client part consists of a client application that is downloaded to the phone and an administrator application.

The client application allows:

    1. Get initial access to the “Object” via SMS authorization 2. Monitor the state of the "Object" 3. Make requests for technical / service maintenance of the "Object"

Client application - application for Android or iOS

The admin application allows:

    1. Manage and control access to objects; 2. Monitor the state of objects (data from the local level PLC); 3. Maintain statistics and analyze data from objects; 4. Receive payment and give permission to move in

The admin app will be an Android/iOs app and a website associated with the server.

The administrator application is similar in composition and received data to the client application, only it receives data on all objects at once.

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