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The project of a smart home automation system on budget equipment OWEN

Smart home system

The main parameters that can be monitored (smart home control):

• Lighting. At different times of the day, depending on the presence or absence of people in the room, a certain (set) light and the necessary illumination are turned on. Lighting scenarios are set in a special dialog box and are executed by clicking on the selection button. For example, one such scenario is "Alarm clock". With the help of it, schedules are created, various controlled actions can take place - from opening the blinds to turning on the light in the desired room according to the schedule.
• Security. Motion sensors and room temperature sensors are connected to the smart home control system. Depending on their values, an alert is generated in the form of an SMS message or a notification from the Telegram program, which will inform the owner about the events that occur in the house. For example, about a significant decrease in temperature, the presence of movement. The Owencloud service (Aries cloud) can not only send alarm messages to the owner's number, but also execute certain commands like "turn off the light", "block the front door" and other commands that will be configured according to your desire.
• Room temperature. Using temperature sensors, you can see the state of heat loss of the building and analyze the quality of heating.
• Management of heat-insulated floors. The temperature of the warm floors is maintained depending on the temperature of the built-in temperature sensors and the settings you set.
• Humidity. The humidity of the room is directly related to the comfort of living. If the humidity drops below a comfortable level, the system will decide on additional humidification.
• Leaks. The main function of leakage sensors is to save your budget from expensive repairs of both your home and those who live below you. According to the leakage sensor, the water supply is blocked, thereby minimizing the very possibility of causing damage.
• Switchable sockets. A handy fire-fighting feature that allows you to remotely turn off the appliance so you don't have to go home and waste time.
• Ventilation control. Each of the fans connected to the system can work according to a schedule, that is, turn on a certain number of times a day with a specified frequency. For example, a kitchen hood will turn on when a threshold value of carbon dioxide and / or carbon monoxide is reached (according to the readings of the corresponding sensors).
• Imitation of presence. When you go on vacation, the house can turn on the lights at a predetermined time, make sounds, which will help scare off intruders.
• Remote control. Possibly from anywhere in the world.

Implementation features and benefits:

• This solution is suitable for living spaces of any size.
• The Internet connection is required for remote control.
• It is possible to control any connected device up to the socket.
• The relatively low cost of the project is combined with the reliable operation of all smart home systems.

Equipment used for the project: 

• Controller PLC210 OWEN.
• Touch panel SPK107 M1 OWEN or web panel VP110 (optional).
• Analog input-output module Aries.
• Power supply 220 - 12V.
• Sensors of movement, temperature, leaks, alarms.
• Other equipment according to your requests.
• Any equipment you already have (boiler, uninterruptible power supply system, wind generator, solar battery, etc.).

The cost of this project consists of the cost of equipment and work on its configuration.
We purchase equipment for you according to an agreed list, remotely configure it according to your requirements and send it to you in a box for installation as a ready-made solution.
After installation, we provide remote consultations on setting up the equipment.

Умный дом

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