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Elevator control system

Grain drying complex control system (ACS of the elevator) with a grain storage for 8000 tons. .


  • The grain drying complex is designed for drying, processing and storage of grain products. The complex allows to make acceptance of grain by motor transport. Further drying, sorting or storage of grain in long-term storage silos is possible.

Part of the equipment:

    • Receiving hoppers equipped with electric shutters
    • Chain conveyors transporting grain. Conveyors are equipped with sensors for backwater, belt slippage, as well as a speed control relay
    • Grain elevators carry out vertical transportation of grain products. Elevators are equipped with sensors for controlling speed, belt slippage, as well as fire-fighting quick-acting valves and explosion sensors
    • Change-over valves carry out redirection of gravity flows of grain. The valves are equipped with end position limit switches
    • Drying complex with its own control system, which allows it to be integrated into the general process control system of the grain drying complex
    • Long term storage silos with level gauges and thermometry system

The composition of the project documents:

    • Explanatory note - 2 sheets A4;
    • Schematic diagrams for control cabinets - 12L A3;
    • Assembly drawings for control cabinets - 6L A3;
    • Equipment location plan - 1L A1;
    • Tables of external wiring connections - 5L A4;
    • Specification of equipment and materials - 10L A3;
    • User's manual for the operator AWP - 10 l A4.


Project owner: Alexander Burdyugov
+7 910 325-42-83

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