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Анализируем корректность проекта на предмет общей взаимосвязанности

Project audit

An audit is the work of checking an existing project, which makes it possible to find and eliminate deficiencies before the start of commissioning, take timely measures, and optimize operating costs.

The project, like any responsible decision, requires verification.

People who work in design institutes do not always have complete information on the project. Each of them performs a certain part of the work, while not seeing the entire volume or not knowing the features of automated systems.

The audit of the project allows you to carry out commissioning without loss of reputation, allows you to make a decision in advance on the quality and sufficiency of the current project.

We rely on experience in various fields, including metallurgy, oil refining, and nuclear energy. We help to find, collect in tables the shortcomings of the project, highlighting specific problem areas on the functional diagrams of the existing project documentation.

We analyze a set of functional diagrams and drawings without our engineer visiting the site.

Аудит проекта

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