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Recruitment for commissioning


Our company recruits staff to perform tasks that are not permanent for the customer.

Quite often, foreign companies act as customers, which, for example, need to perform commissioning work in Russia without involving their own specialists, since it is more profitable to hire a specialist locally.

The customer cannot always determine what kind of competence a specialist should have. We study the request in detail in order to understand the requirements of the customer and be able to clearly set the task for the future contractor.

A detailed task will help organize the execution of work efficiently and on time. The fewer inputs there are, the higher the requests for payment will be to compensate for production risks. The more information about the object, project documentation, the less labor costs will be.

How we recruit:

1. We search for a specialist.
2. We carry out remote testing. We determine the actual level of competence.
3. We organize the transfer of a specialist to the facility. At the same time we solve the issues of food and accommodation.

We approach responsibly, share the risks.

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