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SCADA creation of human-machine interface of the scada

SCADA programming

What is SCADA? It’s a program that displays the state of the system in a graphical form. The screen displays the values of tags/sensors (temperatures, pressures, etc.), the status of actuators (pumps, valves, drives, compressors, etc.). You can turn mechanisms on and off, switch equipment operating modes, see where an accident occurred - this is not a complete list of what SCADA can do.

For a general understanding of what tags are in APCS, tags are such variables in SCADA that are associated with external devices via some protocol. These tags are called external and their number affects the amount of the license. Internal tags that can be used within a project are usually free of charge

Our main task is to create an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly understand what is happening at the facility and make the right decision in accordance with the current situation.

We pay great attention to the design of our projects, since the appearance of elements, the selection of colors, fonts, screen resolution help reduce fatigue and affect the overall perception of the system as a whole.

This video frame was made on Masterskada 3.12 in 2021

Nuclear waste processing
This video frame was made on VijeoCitect in 2018