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Commissioning of automation objects

Commissioning works

Commissioning works are carried out after the installation of equipment is completed and application software is created. They are the final stage of work, after which the stage of trial operation begins. In other words, the system begins to work, but there remains the possibility of identifying shortcomings or the appearance of additional wishes.

Before commissioning, it is important to carry out factory tests - a preliminary check of the operation of the assembled cabinet / cabinets, all internal circuits. This will help identify deficiencies associated with design, programming and installation, and avoid delays in commissioning.

We try to adhere to the above sequence, as this directly affects the quality of the work performed.

Our company offers 12 months warranty for the created application software. If within the specified time a problem is detected related to the code loaded into the controller or panel, we will fix it completely free of charge.

Commissioning  Commissioning

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