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Development of WEB dispatch systems

Web visualization system

The Fast Projects company is developing its own WEB-SCADA that allows you to control and monitor the parameters of remote objects via the Internet.

An online system based on web technologies has been created for remote monitoring of the parameters of the engineering systems of the facility and for the implementation of dispatch control. Only a modern web browser with JavaScript support is required to access the system. The graphical user interface has a responsive design and can be displayed on both mobile devices and desktop workstations. The online monitoring system consists of two parts. The central server part is located on a public hosting, but it can also be installed on a dedicated virtual or physical server. The server part is responsible for interacting with the ARIES cloud, buffering, aggregating and pre-processing data. This is where the security layer and business intelligence are located. The client part is built on a modern reactive framework and is responsible for providing information to the user in a form that is easy to understand.

An example of what we do can be seen at this link