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Engineering systems in a smart home

Smart House

Smart home technology is gradually being introduced into our daily lives. The automation market is constantly growing, offering new solutions. There is a high demand for modern lighting and climate control systems.

What can "Smart home"?

To carry out remote control of the apartment / house. Control the climate in different periods of time in different modes. Turn on / off sockets, switches, close / open windows, blinds, put the kettle on and much more.

You can control your voice, for example, switch TV channels, find out the weather forecast, change the indoor temperature depending on the weather and how you feel, turn on watering the flowers, feed the fish from an automatic feeder, turn on the presence effect if, for example, there is a feeling of external interest in your home.

If you already use, for example, a burglar alarm, intercom, audio system, home theater, then they can be combined into a common system for ease of management.

It is most convenient to manage modern equipment from a tablet or smartphone. Our company has developed a budget way to manage a smart home using a website that is being developed for a specific task.

If your system has already been created and is working, but there are comments on it, we will conduct an examination and offer solutions.

Often, owners are interested in saving money on the development and implementation of such systems. We can offer various options that will be suitable for you.

We have accumulated significant practical experience in the development and modernization of Smart Home systems based on Beckhoff, WAGO, OWEN equipment. If you find it difficult to choose a brand, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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