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Automatic arc power controller

ARMD is designed to ensure the movement and stop of three electrodes of an electric arc steel-smelting furnace of the DSP-3 type in manual (adjusting) and automatic (working) modes. In addition, it must provide control of the furnace transformer modes, its switching on, switching off and indication of protection operation.

Electric arc steel-smelting furnace DSP-3 with three graphite electrodes with a diameter of 250 and a length of up to 1600 mm.
Electric furnace transformer type ETMPK-3200/10 with a complete step switch and a command device.

Three busbar current transformers of the low-voltage network of the TNShL-0.66-5000/5 type.
High-voltage complete switchgear (KRU) - based on the BB-TEL 1000/10 vacuum circuit breaker with two voltage transformers of the BEONTOP IVS1F-1.1.1 type. 6000/57, two current transformers of the TOL 600/5 type and a microprocessor current protection relay of the RZL-03.102 type transformer. An electric meter for the electricity consumed by the furnace is also installed in the switchgear cabinet.
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