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Automobile gas compressor station

Develop, manufacture and supply automated control system for CNG filling stations, consisting of:
- CNG automatic control system cabinet;
- redundant control panel (as part of the ACS CNG filling station cabinet); - ACS TP server cabinet for CNG filling stations;
- network node controller cabinets (if necessary);
- ARM ACS TP CNG filling stations;
- emergency stop panel;
- a set of spare parts.

AWS APCS is designed to control the technological process, change system settings, diagnose equipment status, etc.

The redundant control panel (a specialized operator touch panel based on a fanless panel PC) must fully duplicate the functions of the automated process control workstation.

The network node controller cabinet is designed to accommodate decentralized periphery stations and organize access to the settings and control of the local unit.

The emergency stop panel is installed at the operator's workplace. The control panel must provide light signaling in case of an accident at the CNG filling station, stop the equipment of the CNG filling station (when the control panel is actuated) and transfer it to a safe state, regardless of the state of the CNG filling station automated process control system controller. The number of control and signaling elements on the console, as well as the algorithm of actions for the control elements, must be agreed with the Customer.
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