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Terms of reference for automation of Zigbee

Two-room apartment 59.1 sq.m. in Moscow, new building, 7th floor. A family of 3 is planning to live in the apartment (a couple + a child of 3 years old)

Ceiling height - clean 3150. Floor cake 170, ceiling cake 300 (first level 150 - soundproofing, second level 150 - lighting, ventilation) Window height - 2250, from the floor 400. Ceiling height in rooms (including kitchen) - 2680. Ceiling cake in the hallway, bathrooms 550 (the first level 150 - soundproofing, the second 430 - lighting, ventilation equipment). Ceiling height in the hallway, bathrooms - 2400

The control core of the automation system is the Home Assistant (HA) server with a supervisor and ESPHome and Node-RED addons.

The HA server is installed on a virtual machine (HAOS) installed on a physical server in the form of a PC computer located in a telecommunications cabinet (10U) under the ceiling in the dressing room (in the future, it is possible to build a failover cluster of 2 PCs - main and backup, with automatic transfer of the virtual machine to the reserve).

Communication of actuators and sensors with the server is carried out through:

- Wi-Fi (most ESP32 devices) - Modbus (RS-485)
- ZigBee
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