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Radioactive Waste Transportation Conveyor

I'll tell you a little about an interesting project, during which I developed a technical task, and also created application software for Schneider Electric equipment (Quantum - Unity Pro XL) and a touch panel (XBT GT 15 - Vijeo Designer). We are talking about a system for moving transport containers, which allows you to move dosed amounts of ash and a compound of solid highly radioactive waste to a storage system.

The development of this system was complicated by the fact that there was no clear understanding of the entire mechanical part of the project. Since it was in the process of design and manufacture, some dynamic points were not considered. The task was to place the nth number of containers along the transport conveyor, and the container was not allowed to tip over due to collision with each other or with an obstacle. The position of each of the containers could only be understood by limit switches and the pitch of the conveyors. The control system turns on the conveyors independently, tracking and taking into account the presence of containers on the rollers.

Operators fill empty containers into the system. By pressing the button placed on the wall, the conveyor picks up the container placed on the loading table and sends it to the next level. The transport system is synchronized with the waste supply system in such a way as to avoid unloading the compound in the absence of a container, as well as ensuring the cyclic receipt of containers to the loading site. In the process of developing programs, a large number of various issues related to the dynamics of the movement of containers through the technological cycle were resolved.

In the scope of application software development, two complete programs were created in the same controller. One is for simulating the movement of containers, and the other is for manual and automatic control of actuators, including the protection system. Also, a program for visualizing the transportation process was carried out separately.


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