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Two-room apartment 59.1 sq.m. in Moscow, new building, 7th floor. A family of 3 is planning to live in the apartment (a couple + a child of 3 years old)
Develop, manufacture and supply automated control system for CNG filling stations, consisting of:
- CNG automatic control system cabinet;
- redundant control panel (as part of the ACS CNG filling station cabinet); - ACS TP server cabinet for ...
ARMD is designed to ensure the movement and stop of three electrodes of an electric arc steel-smelting furnace of the DSP-3 type in manual (adjusting) and automatic (working) modes. In addition, it must provide control of the furnace ...
ACS is designed to control an industrial batch autoclave
Cookers are one of the key elements in the cosmetics manufacturing process. They ensure the correct mixing and heating of the components of the product, which allows you to obtain stable and high-quality formulas and formulations of cosmetics.
"Reverse" washing process when double wash mode is selected

After a short pause, the side brushes and the roof brush begin to rotate in the opposite direction.
The last rinse is activated (depending on the version with or without chemical...

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