Automated process control systems – process control system

Automated process control system (ACS) — Is a group of technical and software solutions designed to automate the management of equipment at industrial and building automation facilities.


Automation of technological processes at enterprises sets a goal to increase productivity, reduce labor costs, minimize the risks of failure and the degree of influence of the human factor. In addition, the automation of control systems facilitates the work of technical specialists, providing them with convenient tools for controlling the equipment at all sites performing the specified operations.

Over the past two decades, engineering thought has opened up access to automation of not only production lines, but also houses.

Smart home – one of the most popular areas in the field of automation to date. The possibility of remote control of lighting, heating, ventilation and even a kettle attracts more and more people who value their time and comfort.

Modernization of production has traditionally become a priority area of ​​activity, since basically the cycle of work of the created management system does not exceed 15 years. The component base is aging, the requirements for application software are being improved, the requirements for the dispatching of engineering systems (SCADA) are being clarified. Taking into account the fact that for a rather long period of operation of the management system there is a possibility of loss of source codes, the modernization of automated systems remains one of the most demanded services of our activity.

Commissioning of the automated process control system is the final stage in the delivery of automated control systems to trial operation, therefore the work on the development of automation systems should be planned taking into account optimization and reduction of labor costs for their implementation. For this purpose, preliminary checks of the created TCO on the simulator are carried out, factory tests of the assembled equipment are carried out before being sent to the facility.

To solve the above tasks and individual approach to each customer, a team of specialists led by the creator of this resource has been operating since 2000. A list of completed projects can be found in the section “Objects“.

Designing of automation systems (ACS systems) is the development of holistic solutions that allow to automate the main technological processes in production or in the operation of buildings.

The development of automation systems includes a whole group of technical and software solutions.

For a balanced solution of problems in the design of process control systems, it is necessary to identify the main stages by which their development is carried out:

Step 1. Collecting data on control objects and creating an I/O table.

Step 2. Description of algorithms for managing these objects.

Step 3. Collect control objects in the functional automation scheme and/or flow chart.

Step 4. Preparation of technical specifications

Only after this, it is expedient to proceed with the selection of system components and the creation of design documentation.

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