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Buying a car for an LLC

Auto for LTD

A little story about how we bought a car for a company


The purpose of the article: explaining to people (sharing experience) about purchasing a car for a legal entity. I deliberately do not name the names of people and companies in the article, since I absolutely do not intend to spoil anyone's reputation.

We have accumulated a million, withdrawing these funds somewhere in cash was, to put it mildly, not profitable. Needed a car to travel for the company. A lot of money is usually spent on transport and it was necessary to spend these funds wisely. Fuel and maintenance, the growth of the dollar, they stopped bringing cars to Russia, and the market for used cars is already very expensive and scarce. There are many cars, but there is almost no choice according to our means. The option with AUDl (liked) with a huge mileage and a great year was thrown aside, there is a certain bar, stepping over which expensive repairs await.

The car turned out to be Opel Mokka 2012g.v, 3 owners 97t run. Good condition. Workhorse.

We chose a car dealership based on a study of customer reviews, with a relatively good reputation. It turned out to choose a car, the state of which was affordable for us and suited for consumer properties. It took at least a week to choose and make different calls.

On the car: from significant damage: painted, well-corrected rear door, a small jam on the bottom from below, front discs to be replaced. Repair was coming immediately and we agreed to it.

In the cabin, as a result, three days were spent.
1st day. Selection and start of registration
2nd day. We handed over an old Matiz by trade-in (required according to the conditions)
3rd day. Preparation of documents, contracts and other

From the unpleasant: an add-on was imposed in the form of a Pandora alarm for 45t. They simply did not give anything to issue without buying additional services. Although the car already had a good alarm.

Finally released and good luck :)

Well, that was the beginning of the adventure.

1. They stopped the traffic police right on the Moscow Ring Road, pulled them out of the stream. It turned out that it was impossible to drive on plates with a canceled registration, as well as without numbers at all. They keep a close eye on the cameras and catch those in the tank. Having promised a huge fine for the LLC, they only wrote out a protocol on the withdrawal of numbers and STS, and released them. They were polite and tactful.

I thought that in the car dealership they were thinking about us and would warn us. No, they did not take care, for them only grandmas.
The agreement with the possibility of returning the car is also not in our favor, since in fact we have only one road without numbers - to the MREO, and according to the agreement this is the end of the chance for a return. I will write them later a truthful review, there are pluses, there are also minuses.

Therefore, if the car is deregistered, take off the numbers yourself, or rather call a tow truck.

2. Insurance. In a car dealership for companies they give only an open one for 33,000 rubles! It's a total robbery, in my opinion. Ordinary OSAGO, well, 5, well, 7 ..., but here it’s like the age of Christ. We are looking for where it is cheaper to find with restrictions.

3. Registration and issuance of state registration plates.

To be continued

4th day

In the morning, jogging through insurance companies that are not far from our location.

Without OSAGO insurance and a diagnostic card, it is impossible to register a car. I already began to regret that I had not paid at the car dealership, since two insurance companies had already refused me. In one they said that they had some kind of technical failure, in the other they said that they needed to go by car to some kind of "cuzinatra". I'm starting to remember the faces of the dealership insurers who didn't look like good ladies and obviously knew something.

The day was actually spent finding a company capable of insuring the car, and hooray! we found her. It became the company - Alfa-insurance. It was worth all the fun - 27t.r. Open insurance, as only open ones do for companies. Weird, but okay. So anyone with a license can sit down and drive.

We made an attempt to register the transport by going to the MREO. They heard - “the base is hanging”, “I don’t have employees who make out today”, “You have 158 in line”, “Come early, take the queue”. Darkened in the eyes of the feeling of some kind of absurd powerlessness and hopelessness. The time allotted for registration is very short (10 days), then fines, and nothing can be done.

Having received insurance, we felt a little more confident and made an attempt to move the transport to a safer and shady place, closer to us, and there were no plates, they were seized the day before. NEVER DO THIS!

They were stopped very quickly, and almost got a fine for driving without a license plate. This is for the first violation, for the second - there may already be a deprivation of rights !!!

The thing is (the inspector gave us an explanation) that after a certain blogger managed to cripple a bunch of people on the Arbat on the numbers removed from the registration, the rules became tougher.

At this time, there is a continuous hunt for cars with numbers without registration around the clock, as well as for cars without numbers.


10 days are allotted for registration actions, and this time is erroneously interpreted by people like us as the time for the possibility of driving a car without license plates. This is a serious mistake, read the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

Assurances from the dealership manager that "everyone is leaving us normally" and "everything is fine", "have you seen a tow truck with us?" - demagogy.

You will be quickly calculated and if not punished - thanks to the inspectors for their sincerity and understanding of this paradoxical situation. Bought a car but can't drive.

The car dealership does not issue transit numbers, respectively, the clause of the contract in which you can return the car within 7 days is IMPOSSIBLE IN FACT! As soon as you taxi out of the car dealership, you will be forced to go through state registration.
Having passed registration (this is a clause of the contract with a car dealership), you will lose the opportunity to return the car.

In general, such a game of giveaway, when you, as a client, are absolutely powerless.

5th day

The car is registered, the numbers have been received. In general, I don’t understand whether it’s possible to honestly go through everything in 10 days, to be in time everywhere, having stood all the lines at the MREO. We used a paid registration service and it saves a lot of time and money, and most importantly - nerves. We were accompanied by a man who knew everything, and everyone knew him. Moreover, I walked around the offices and windows on my own, but I was a little dumbfounded at how clear and polite everything was.





A little opinion about the used car dealership (disadvantages and advantages)


1. The salon does not make bad money on the markup on cars. Not less than 150t.r or about 14% of the cost.

The contracts are well thought out and it will not be easy to return the car even if you have identified a defect that is not indicated in the diagnostic card under the current legislation

2. They refused to work with us at the end of July without the condition of handing over the old car, since it was and drove. Rented cheaply an elderly Daewoo Matize with rotten doors and a broken bumper

3. When we had already chosen a car and agreed on a price, the manager announced that without additional services ("add-ons") they would not be able to make a contract. I had to agree to take the Pandora SMS alarm with the launch for 45t.r.

On the Internet, the same with the installation costs - attention 22t.r, which is more than twice as expensive. The model was not specified during the sale, and it was not much before that. In general, what is for some earnings, then for clients such a mini-racket, which is unpleasant.

4. We were not informed that traffic police were waiting for us outside the gate with an attempt to draw up a protocol for driving a car without registration (I'm sure they should have known, because they work daily)
12.1 part 1 Driving a vehicle not duly registered RUB 500 - 800
5. It took at least three days to complete the paperwork in the salon. Selection and initial registration, money transfer, trading with the delivery of an old car, obtaining contracts and invoices.
Advantages (they also have):

1. Managers are cultured and courteous. When we spoke, they listened and vice versa. There was a normal business dialogue. This is a really good fact.

2. The manager gave us a ride around the territory, they made sure that nothing was knocking

3. In working with us, the manager showed on the screen the main shortcomings of the options that we selected. They threw something away immediately (they searched without body damage), which narrowed the scope of viewing / search.

It was already the third salon and here for the first time they saw a human relationship.

4. We were given a discount of about 40-50tr for the fact that we went to the terms of the car dealership

5. Asked the manager to check with the previous owner about the condition of the drive belts and timing. I called back, the timing in this model is chain, the drive belt was changed in the spring (recently)

Since the car is the property of a legal entity, the liability measures are different (much more inhumane).

We are preparing a table with an abbreviated vision of the Code of Administrative Offenses for legal entities, everything that is more expensive than 1000 rubles (Article, for what, cost). Will post here soon.

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