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Difficulties encountered when setting up the Siemens panel

Simatic IPC477E

Some subtleties in setting up the Siemens Simatic IPC477E visualization panel

Siemens cabinets

They were invited to carry out commissioning work at the facility, which was built by German specialists in Russia (Moscow region). It is a factory for processing PET raw materials or converting plastic household bottles into pure sorted and granular plastic.

The equipment was assembled mainly on the component base of Siemens (S7-1500)

Siemens Panel
This is what the cabinet with the panel looked like, which I had to download TIA PORTAL V17 WINCC Advanced

Siemens Panel
View from the rear wall

Looking ahead, I will inform you that the pre-installed Windows Embedded operating system did not fit the WinCC Advanced version and I had to go through a bunch of forums until I got permission to reinstall the operating system
Siemens Panel
Enlarged view of the panel from the back

Windows Embeded 
We observe such properties in the panel. Trying to upload project files
Windows Embeded
When trying to install the WinCC Runtime Advanced V17 software, the following message was displayed

Previously, I had to work with SIEMENS panels of the Comfort series and such difficulties did not occur. I downloaded visualization projects from the TIA Portal, but here the situation was complicated.
1. The equipment is quite expensive, it is selected. Taking the liberty and installing a different operating system is a logical step, but it required approval. Any agreement rested on the language barrier
2. Studying various forums, I didn't understand which way was right. What operating system should I install? Where to get the license key and many many questions that raised concerns.

Forum Siemens
I did not make a decision on reinstalling the operating system on my own. I asked the Germans a direct question and a link to the forum page.

The answer was clear. Started reinstalling Windows Enterprise Edition

Installing Windows 
Choosing an installation option

Installing Windows 
The installation process has started
Activation was required
They did not activate Windows in any way. The program works with Microsoft watermarks. The key that came with the distribution did not allow Windows to be fully activated. At the same time, the panel's performance was sufficient

By installing the WINCC Advanced program on a freshly installed Windows, it turned out that the visualization program started running, but there was no connection between the panel itself (data) and the S7-1500 controller. Also could not download anything.

Additional components
Turning to friends, they advised to set up interfaces on the computer itself (this panel). It turned out that the Profinet exchange drivers are located in other installers.
Packages that, after installation, managed to link the panel to the controller by specifying communication interfaces

Uploaded data 
Appearance of the revived control panel


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