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We connect Siemens S7-1500 and Lenze frequency drive

Setting up the LENZE frequency converter

Connection and adjustment of LENZE frequency converters to SIEMENS S7-1500 controller via Profinet protocol

The purpose of the article is to explain the features of configuring these devices for faster passage of this path by those colleagues who will encounter this setting for the first time.

LENZE frequency converters
This is how assemblies from frequency drives usually look like. From the SIEMENS S7-1500 controller, the patch cord connects to the Scalance smart switch, and lines to the frequency drive assemblies depart from it. The connection is made in series by an Ethernet connection, and if a voltage is applied to the frequency converter, then it acts as an unmanaged switch and transmits data.

This is what SCALANCE looks like
This is what the SIEMENS S7-1500 controller looks like

Algorithm for setting the selected frequency drive:
1. We find the asynchronous motor itself on the object. It is necessary to rewrite, possibly photograph, the shield from the motor in order to have data about the engine.
Incorrectly entered motor parameters in the frequency drive can lead to premature failure of the electric motor.
We find out from the representative of the installation company according to which scheme the motor is connected - a star or a triangle. This is important, since the motor shield usually implies both connection schemes. To configure, you will need the following parameters: power, voltage, COS_F, speed, frequency.

Motor shield
This is what the shield of an asynchronous motor looks like 

2. Check whether 380 V AC power is supplied to the frequency drive. Using a multimeter, we check whether the phase voltage fits on top of the frequency drive. The interfacial voltage should be about 380V. It is also necessary to make sure that 24 V DC power is supplied to the frequency drive to supply power to the processor information board. We make sure that the cable line going to the engine type U1/W1/V1/PE is connected. These are usually four power cores and two information from the engine temperature sensor (thermistor).
Adjustment of the device is possible only if there is a power supply of 380V and 24V.

The appearance of the LENZE frequency drive front

LENZE connectors 
View of the LENZE frequency drive from above. The pad in the middle is a safety circuit, it must be closed.

LENZE connectors
Under the front panel of the frequency drive, a block with a 24 V DC power supply is connected.

LENZE connectors
Cables extending to the motor are connected from below, including a PE grounding conductor and a temperature sensor

3. After making sure that everything is connected properly and the necessary power is supplied to the frequency drive, the frequency drive auto-tuning procedure should be performed to determine the specified parameters of the electric motor by the frequency drive.
4. Using the buttons on the panel, go to the parameter group "Groupe 07" and set the parameter P708.03 to 1. This activates the remote control.
5. Go to Groupe 03 and set the parameters indicated on the engine shield P320.04 Rated speed, P320.05 Frequency, P320.06 Power, P320.07 Rated voltage, P320.08 Cosine phi.
6. After setting the engine parameters from the shield, go to the P327.04 Identify mot parameter and set it to 1, but this will not start the auto-tuning procedure yet. We start auto-tuning to the engine with the following action by pressing the "Start" button of manual mode.
7. Starting the engine in manual mode is carried out by the leftmost, bottom button, by long pressing. After pressing the auto-tuning procedure, the engine will stand, while squeaking a little. The loading percentage is displayed on the front panel of the frequency drive. Auto-tuning will be completed when the percentage reaches 100% and the STOP label is displayed.

LENZE Panel   

Auto-tuning of the LENZE frequency drive

8. When the auto–tuning procedure is completed, save the settings to the non-volatile memory P700.03 - 1, then by pressing Enter for a long time (more than 3 seconds), save the found engine parameters. After that, we reboot the frequency drive itself by power supply, and 380V, and 24V.
9. Try to start the engine in manual mode. If it turns on correctly, the direction of rotation is correct, then proceed to setting up the frequency drive via the PROFINET bus.
10. In this project, TIA PORTAL V17 installed on Oracle VM VirtualBox was used to program the system (I will give a brief description at the bottom of the article). The customer transferred the project of the system from another similar plant for completion. In the previous project, the frequency drives were on the PROFIBUS DP network. I removed the old components from the network components and created new ones using the manufacturer's GSD files.
Block diagram of Siemens
Block diagram of the Siemens automation system

 TIA Portal list of devices
This is the list of found and configured devices in the TIA Portal 

11. How devices are added: in the TIA PORTAL, in the ONLINE menu, we find the ACCESSIBLE DEVICE subroutine. We select existing ports and interfaces and search for all available devices.
Changing properties
This is what the window looks like in which we set the name of the device on the network and its IP address

12. TIA PORTAL finds the entire list of available devices, even if IP is registered there not from our subnet. Selecting the MAC ADDRESS we need from the list (it is indicated on the front panel of the frequency drive), we assign it the IP address ( and the name of the PROFINET device (FC104) required by the block diagram, press Assign IP&NAME. After that, the device with the MAC ADDRESS we need is assigned the desired address and name on the PROFINET network. It is advisable to choose the name of the frequency drive by comparing it with the project and the name of the engine.
13. Next, we need the LENZE EASY STARTER program. It allows you to work in more detail with the settings of the frequency drives, which will allow you to configure the frequency drive to receive a command over the network from the functional unit of the TIA PORTAL program.
Easy Starter
So we add a list of devices available for editing

  14. Configure the network parameters of the frequency drive as shown in the picture below and click on "Save"
Easy Starter
What should be the result of the settings

I will show you how and what parameters should be selected in the screenshots below:
Easy Starter
Easy Starter
Easy Starter
Easy Starter
Easy Starter
Easy Starter

15. As a result of these manipulations with the parameters of the frequency drive, it becomes possible to start the engine via the PROFIBUS network. This can be checked by pressing the "Manual" button and thus activating the RUN mode with the specified rotation speed. If everything turns on, then go to the startup settings from the TIA PORTAL. Open the device selected by the GSD file and see the specified controller memory.

This is what the Lenze frequency drive looks like if it is added to the list of network devices

Do not forget to specify the first cell of the device's memory address on the function block. The input is "ADR".

The function block, designed for use with devices on the PROFIBUS DP network, is also suitable in relation to the GSD file for devices on the PROFINET network. The frequency drives are approximately the same, although the composition of the input/output fields is slightly different.
Important! It is necessary to set the first memory cell (2190) on the function block. This allows it to be connected to exactly the right device, which will allow it to run. The function block uses indirect addressing and operates on the memory of the associated device.

PS: regarding the use of Oracle VM VirtualBox. In the direction of this virtual platform, I made my choice after using VMware Workstation Pro for a long time, I made the choice because of the large number of problems with the latter. Many times there was a screen of death, rebooting the entire system with Windows 10. All that needs to be done to work correctly over the network is to set a static address to a physical adapter, with ping checking. Next, the virtual machine is configured, the virtual machine adapter is configured as a network bridge and an unoccupied IP address from the same subnet is assigned to it. It works well, finds the MAC addresses of devices from the virtual machine.

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