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PLC via the Internet

PLC control via internet

For a long time, in order to provide remote communication with an object during commissioning, it was necessary to use a personal computer as a means of remote control. To program the controller, software and additional programs installed on such a PC were required to manage the development process.

As practice has shown, programming over the Internet using Remote Desktop, RAdmin and the like is not very convenient, especially if the object is located in an area where the connection is not stable. It turns out that with not the best and not the cheapest connection, data exchange either slows down or does not work at all.

In this regard, I set myself the task of understanding the possibility of remote control and programming when the PLC is connected directly to a router with Internet access.

In total, I know three methods for such connections: accessing a static IP, using a DynDNS dynamic connection, and a dedicated VPN connection.

In this article, we will consider the first method - accessing a static dedicated IP address with port routing (forwarding). In the example, a router from the company MGTS GPON RV6699 and a PLC from the company Aries PLC110-32-L were used.

Below is a step-by-step router setup.



Привязка IP

привязка DNS




Обмен данными

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