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Dry running protection for fuel pumps - ensuring safety

Protecting fuel pumps from running dry

In accordance with the industrial safety rules for tank farms and oil product warehouses (PB 09-560-03), any pumps and pumping stations must be equipped with protection and alarm systems that ensure the safety of pumping stations. One of these protections is the “dry running” operation (the oil pipeline does not contain the product). 

Насосная Лукойл

To provide protection and signaling, local autonomous systems are installed that operate in parallel from the operation of the main control systems.

An example of such a system is a system designed and configured by the Scientific Integrations company based on the equipment of the Sensor Research and Production Association.

The equipment of NPP “Sensor” in its base uses a three-wire data exchange bus with a broadcast event exchange protocol. Devices in the system have unique addresses and operate at the event level. Sensors are programmed to register events (for example, a decrease in pressure), and relays or signaling devices are programmed for a control action associated with a particular event.

The system configuration begins with the addressing of the instruments one by one. However, it is much more convenient and clearer to program the system using the software in combination with an interface device.

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Датчик сухого хода


Распайка датчика

Панель Сенсор

Панель Сенсор

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