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Automation scheme. Example of a pivot table implementation and a basement

Automation Diagram, Example and Definitions

Automation schemes as a way to calculate the amount of labor costs

Automation schemes are the main drawings (GOST 21.208) that determine the construction of an automatic control system for a process unit.

Automation systems in these schemes are presented in the form of blocks of automatic control and regulation, giving a complete picture of equipping the object with devices and automation equipment, including telemechanics and computer technology. On the automation scheme, the technological unit is depicted in a simplified way, devices and automation tools are located in conditional images, indicating the links between them. Allows you to calculate the total composition of signals by summing the composition from each circuit

At the bottom of the automation scheme, a summary table (“basement”) is formed, which indicates the number of signals used in this scheme.

Each signal indicated in the "basement" is connected with dash-dotted lines to the corresponding places on the automation diagram.

Схема автоматизации

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