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TCH, drawing up a price offer

Technical and commercial proposal for the creation of automated process control systems


Technical Director,


Name of Director

"___" January 2021


to carry out a set of works on

creating software for block test stand


Customer JSC “Customer”







1.1 Privacy Statement

1.2 Reasons for development

1.3 Name of works


2.1 Purpose of the system

2.2 Classification of the complex

2.3 System functions

2.4 Controller cabinet functions

2.5 Functions of the automated workplace of the STB operator


3.1 Software

3.2 Project boundaries

3.1 The structure of the software and hardware of the stand for testing blocks PRODUCT

3.2 The result of the work












Abbreviation Explanation APCS Automated process control system for NPP or NPP Nuclear power plant BPO Basic software PRODUCT Integrated switchgear for control of shutoff valves, Protvino PLC Programmable logic controller PPO Application software PPP Preliminary design preparation of PTS Software and hardware STB SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition offer

APCS decryption - Automated Process Control System



This document contains a description of the services offered by CJSC "Contractor" on the topic: the creation of software and the adjustment of software for a test stand for blocks of an integrated switchgear for control of shutoff valves for ___.

This commercial design proposal (TKP) is intended to formulate technical and price proposals for the development of software for the controller and workstation that are part of the test bench for PRODUCT blocks, as well as carrying out the necessary commissioning work at ___. 

1.1 Reasons for development

The grounds for the development of this TCP are:

1. Request of the JSC "Customer" enterprise No. ___ dated ___, which is the supplier of the PRODUCTS equipment, to the TCH for the implementation of a set of works to create software for an automated test bench;

2. Proposal of JSC "Customer", developed in accordance with the Terms of Reference for the creation of "Testing stand for blocks PRODUCT (STB)" E. product number

3. Description of one of the algorithms of the automated stand;

4. Normative documents of CJSC "Contractor" on the principles of formation of contract prices.

1.2 Name of works

Name of works:

1. Development of application software for the STB controller;

2. Development of application software for STB operator workstation;

3. Development of operational documentation for software and hardware (PTS) of the PRODUCT stand, supplied to the production of automated process control systems;

4. Carrying out preliminary and installation supervision works on setting up and setting up the PTS STB on the territory of JSC "Customer" and the Organization.




2.1 Purpose of the system

The stand for testing the PRODUCTS units is designed to test modular withdrawable units used in cabinets of complete switchgears for auxiliary needs 0.4 kV PRODUCTS manufactured by JSC "Customer", by engineering and technical personnel, including for:

− definitions of blocks operability;

− determining the compliance of the electrical installation of blocks with electrical circuit diagrams;

− contactor actuation and release voltages in the main circuits, starting from 0.8 Un;

− printout of the test report.

The stand for testing blocks PRODUCT consists of a controller cabinet and an automated workstation (AWS) of the STB operator.

2.2 Complex classification

STB must be related to normal operation systems, comply with safety class 4 (classification designation 4N) according to PNAE G-01-011 (OPB 88/97) and functional group 4N in accordance with NP-026.

2.3 System functions

The STB OB vans were created using software-logical controllers and a graphic visualization package from Schneider Electric.

PTS STB provides the following functions:

- processing of input-output signals and issuance of executive commands, in accordance with the specified algorithmic procedures;

− execution of algorithmic procedures, in accordance with the selected parameters on the workstation;

− synchronization of the time of the controller and the visualization application with an external source of exact time;

− self-diagnosis of the technical means of the system;

− archiving of the information entered by the operator on the test being carried out;

− issuance of reports (protocols) in electronic form, on electronic media;

− generation of threshold violations when the set values ​​are exceeded;

− determination of faults in control circuits;

− detection of faults in the main circuits.

2.4 Controller cabinet functions

The controller cabinet must provide the following functions:

− processing and registration of input/output signals;

− execution of algorithmic sequences;

− issuance of executive actions (commands) for the implementation of bench testing algorithms;

− measurement of electrical parameters of the network;

− warning and emergency signaling on the deviation of the electrical network parameters from the regulatory and emergency limits.

Specifications of the controller cabinet are shown in Table 1.

For input-output channels, a reserve is provided in the amount of 20% of the existing volume of input-output channels.

Table 1. Controller cabinet specifications
Наименование параметра Значение параметра
Number of analog inputs, pcs. 16
Number of discrete inputs, pcs. 64
Number of discrete outputs, pcs. 128
Communication interfaces Ethernet
Operating conditions УХЛ 4
Supply voltage, V 220
Estimated consumption current, A 5
Mains type TN-S
Dimensions HxWxD, mm 600х600х300
Weight, kg 70
Degree of protection, IP 54


2.5 Functions of the automated workplace of the STB operator

The operator's workstation should provide the following functions:

− parameterization of the testing process;

− configuring the sequence for testing;

− control, registration, signaling of changes in the parameters of the electrical network of the stand;

− display and registration of the stand equipment state;

− registration of operator's actions;

− remote control of technological equipment.

Registration of data on the workstation is carried out in the archive. The archive depth is 3 months.

The operator workstation should include a portable computer and a SCADA package.

The developed application software must be able to be configured for a specific type of blocks of an integrated switchgear control valve (cell PRODUCT).




3.1 Software

The application software (APS) of the STB is developed on the basis of the licensed basic software (BSS) of the Schneider Electric company and consists of the following components:

− the Unity Pro XL tool system of version not lower than V6, which supports the development of application tasks of programmable logic controllers (PLC) in five languages ​​according to the IEC 61131-3 standard;

− Vijeo Citect tool package of version not lower than V7.2 for configuring an automated operator's station for an applied task.

The basic software is accompanied by the software documentation of the company-developer of the basic software (in Russian or English), sufficient to accompany it.

3.2 Project boundaries

The work of CJSC "Contractor" on this project is limited to:

− obtaining information from the terminal assembly installed in the controller cabinet;

− displaying information about testing on a portable computer (AWP);

− transfer of information, if necessary, to the external network of the enterprise.

The main part of the work on creating application software and configuring controllers is carried out at the site of CJSC "Contractor", factory (preliminary) tests are carried out at the site of JSC "Customer".

The final part of the work of CJSC "Contractor" is carried out in the form of commissioning work together with the Customer's representatives and under their supervision on the site.

3.1 The structure of the software and hardware of the stand for testing blocks PRODUCT

The structure of the software and hardware complex of the stand is shown in Figure 1.

Table 2 lists the equipment for the implementation of this project. This equipment is not purchased or manufactured within the framework of this project (its cost is not taken into account in the TCP). Purchase of equipment, design documentation and assembly of the controller cabinet will be carried out by the Customer.

Table 2. List of PTS equipment STB PRODUCT
Designation Name
BMX XBT 0800 Frame for 8 slots without expansion
CPS 2000 Power Supply
P342020 Controller with Ethernet port
AMI 0810 Analog input module 8AI 4-20mA
AMI 0810 Analog input module 8AI 4-20mA
DDI 6402K Discrete input module 64DI
DDO 6402K Digital output module 64DO
DDO 6402K Digital output module 64DO
HP Probook 4730s Operator workstation laptop
Vijeo Citect v.7.2 (600io) Citect license for 600 I/O points


Структурная схема

Figure 1 - Structural diagram of the PTS of the stand for testing blocks PRODUCT for Organization-2

3.2 The result of the work

The result of the work on the creation of software for the PTS STB PRODUCT should be developed, installed and debugged at the test facility. Registration of the completion of work - signing of the Acceptance Certificate of the work performed, the execution of which after the control of the automated process control system (completion of the trial operation stage).

The planned list of works on the development of software for the block testing stand is given in table 3.

Table 3. Planned list of works on the development of software
Stage Name of works Contractor
RFP Clarification of requirements and development of TCH Contractor,
1 TK development  
1.1 Receipt, processing and approval of initial data (ID) Contractor,
1.2 Development and approval of technical specification Contractor,
2 Programming  
2.1 PPO development Contractor
2.2 Autonomous adjustment and preliminary testing of the software of the stand on the territory of CJSC "Contractor" Contractor
2.3 Development, approval and release of PD Contractor
2.4 Acceptance testing of the software of the complex on the site OJSC "Customer" Contractor,
3 Implementation  
3.1 Chief - adjustment work at the place of operation Contractor
3.2 Correction of documentation based on the results of commissioning Contractor




As part of the work on the creation of application software for the stand of the PRODUCT blocks, it is proposed to perform a set of works indicated in Table 4.





The composition of the documentation developed at each stage of work is shown in Table 5.

Table 5. Contents of documentation
Stage Documentation under development
Pre-project preparation Technical and commercial offer
Technical specification development

1) Technical specification with Applications:

– lists of monitored and displayed parameters and signals;

– described test sequences in graphical form;

- an album of screen forms.
2) Specification for purchased software products
Manufacturing and supply

1) PD consisting of:

– Specification of PPO STB;

– Operator's manual;

– Programmer's Guide.
2) PPO consisting of:

– distribution kits of the created software.
Putting into trial operation Putting into trial operation


The documentation developed by the contractor must be transferred to the Customer in Russian:

- in the form of a registered copy on paper - in one copy;

- in the form of an electronic copy on an electronic medium (optical disk) - in one copy.

The owner of the original documentation is the developer.

Proprietary accompanying documentation of companies - manufacturers (suppliers) of purchased software is supplied in the language and in the number of copies corresponding to the terms of delivery of purchased software to the developer. 



The main technical solutions proposed in this TCH for the software of the switchboard complex make it possible to provide:

− fulfillment of the requirements of the Customer given in the Terms of Reference;

− this test stand (PRODUCT) will be used in conjunction with the PRODUCT hardware at many installations built on the basis of Schneider Electric controller equipment and automation tools.

Here you can download the original of this TCH

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