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Overview of client-server SCADA systems

Overview of client-server SCADA systems

As people build large industrial facilities, develop the infrastructure of enterprises, there is an increasing need to conduct feasibility studies in choosing brands of dispatching and monitoring systems (human-machine interface). There is currently no (I don't know about) methodology for choosing a SCADA brand. There is only an expert approach based on personal implementation/training experience, on the experience of colleagues “in the shop” and comparing quality characteristics with the price of the product. Regarding the domestic manufacturer, I will honestly say that the Customers of such large systems have a prejudice in the absence of proper quality (dampness of products), therefore only imported brands are considered here.

The table published below gives a comparative description of the following foreign (elite) SCADA systems from 10,000 tags with a client-server architecture: WinCC OA, InTouch(System Platform),WinCC, Citect, PcVue:


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