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Providing a microclimate for clean rooms

EBMPAPST dispatch system

To create a ventilation control system for a workshop for the production of microprocessor equipment:

- PLC110 OWEN (M02);
- visualization system MasterSCADA 3.12;
- EBMPAPST ventilation systems.

PLC110 OWEN has three independent ports and it is possible to write arbitrary exchange protocols.
This PLC also has an external Ethernet port for connecting to a SCADA system or any other HMI.

General mimic

Ventilation unit

What the customer receives:

1. Possibility of local control of the system using the Masterskada visualization system.
Available: viewing graphs, the ability to change the fan speed in manual and automatic modes, it is possible to add other functions.
2. Algorithms for controlling the system allow you to maintain a certain pressure in the workshop. PID algorithms have been created that allow stabilizing the pressure inside the workshop higher than outside. Thus, clean rooms are provided with a forced outflow of dust particles.

Cabinet type

This is what the EBM Papst fan control cabinet for clean rooms looked like

EBM Program

Structural scheme

The software from EBM PAPST is rather peculiar, but it is certainly possible to get used to it. We have developed an exchange protocol between the OWEN controller and two modifications of the EBM protocol.

From understanding the operation and architecture of the program itself, we built an exchange of devices from the controller.

Cabinet type

You can download the documentation for the EBMPAPST protocol by link

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