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Water treatment for ceramic production

Waste water settling and filtration system for ceramic production

In the spring of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, a small but interesting order was carried out.
We confirm that SPK107 from the Oven company is a successful combination of cost and quality, which made it possible to implement a cyclogram for managing sewage water settling with the removal of wet waste from ceramic production.
The automation system has been put into operation and allows the Customer to save money, since draining contaminated water into the sewer is fraught with serious penalties.
The fact is that the production of ceramics implies such a production cycle, when, when cleaning the premises, the waste of pottery production is washed off the tables. A lot of water is required for washing the workshop.

Of particular difficulty is the disposal of dirty water, since the maintenance of the wastewater filtration system is ineffective.
The dirty phase of the sludge is disposed of separately.
Potter's wheel

Therefore, a cheaper method is required - water purification by cyclic settling and draining of slightly contaminated residues.
In this form, we received a technical task. Pretty clear, I think you'll agree!

Preliminary terms of reference

To accomplish this task, a circuit diagram was first drawn. The cabinet is small and the diagram can be drawn so that at the same time it is a guide for assembling the shield.

Circuit diagram

Then we began to think over the algorithm of work. It was not the easiest and took some time. Finally, we managed to get the consent of the Customer regarding the correctness of the implementation.

Work algorithm
Periodically executed procedures could initially not be joined in time and conflict in the process of execution. Therefore, the cyclogram of the plant operation was additionally worked out - a convenient tool that made it possible to implement the control scheme in the proper quality.

Assembled cabinet
Assembled cabinet
Assembled cabinet
Thanks to partners from the iHome company for their help in assembling the shield. Turned out well and within the budget of the customer.

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